This Plus This

This pattern

plus this yarn

equals me making myself a wee scarf while practicing some cables.

The free pattern calls for sport-weight, which is what the Lorna's blackberry I have happens to be, so it's going to be a very narrow scarf (probably only about 3 1/4 inches wide). But the 5-stranded braided cable in the center is so lovely that I think it'll make a nice little New Year's whimsy for myself.

It's a really nice, easy pattern (just 8 rows). And a freebie. Love that!


Obsidian Kitten said...

oh, i got SUCH great input from y'all on interchangeable needle sets! thank you!

so does anyone have those fancy schmancy interchangeable bamboos?

here's a review:

i'm SO coveting these, and am *very* tempted to splurge on a set... (i just sold my Roland keyboard, and would rly rly like to buy myself something nice...)

so what do y'all think? has anyone actually used these?

there's also a bamboo set from Webs, but they seem to be sold out, for now:

can't wait to hear...

Anonymous said...

Hhhmm... well, this is my opinion, but if you have to do little extras (like the running water thing) to make it work, it may not be worth it. If you pay that much money, you shouldnt have to do that. If only they made interchangable bamboo needles with addi cables, it would be a perfect world.

On a different note, I tagged you to post 6 weird things about yourself. Check out my blog if you wanna do it.

Barbara-Kay said...

Oh, lovely pattern. I've knit the Irish Hiking Scarf
htm and this is a) more of a tutorial for beginning cables, and b) enough different that I'll enjoy knitting it, too. Thanks.

Chris said...

Gorgeous yarn - I'm thinking it will be a lovely scarf.

Um, I'm not going to be really helpful interchangeable sets. Hated the Denise. Not a big fan of bamboo. The Boye (aluminum) would drive me batty. And I was simply ok with the KnitPicks needles I tried - but not enough to get more.

jenifleur said...

Hi-just dropped by on recommendation from Knotty Mouse and wanted to shout out. I have angora goats and just got two guard llamas. We're leading sorta-kinda-not-really-parallel-but-almost farm fantasy lives!

I think the yarn and patter should be a sweet match, and thanks for the link to the pattern, I may use it for my final Red Scarf Project pattern.

Obsidian Kitten said...

Oh, I made the Irish Hiking Scarf, too! Love that pattern, and it turned out SO pretty.


(btw, i never finished wristwarmer #2...lol)

omg, Isis is such a tiny kitten in the pics with that post, how funny!

i'm wishing i was using a larger yarn with the Braided Cable Scarf pattern...i'm a Big Fat Wide Scarf kind of girl...but i may stick it out and try for the Dainty Thing just to see if I like it, you know. It'd always make a lovely giftie if I don't.

Anonymous said...

I am loving the scarf pattern - and the Lorna's Yarn is so wonderful to knit with and care for! If you want it wider, you could always mix it with something else that it hanging in your stash, so sort of a tweed effect...I can't seem to get away from Scarfs, gloves and hats, maybe that's because your snow is haunting us here!

Obsidian Kitten said...

i wanna some snow!


it's still frakkin 40 degrees here--it's MICHIGAN and the ground hasn't even frozen yet.

i like winter. i like snow. the weather is just TOO strange this year...

Glaistig said...

Umm, would you stop posting patterns that I want to knit and will now have to add to my infinite list. Wouldja?

mrspao said...

Beautiful scarf - I'll look forward to seeing the finished project.