Voila Ici

Here’s the Braided Cable Scarf.

She turned out very small (about 44 x 3 in, or 112 x 8 cm), but still, I think, quite lovely. As usual, I only had one skein of yarn, but it’s still enough to wrap around my scrawny little neck. I adore the color of the Lorna’s Blackberry, and it shows a little better here than in the bad flash photo I posted previously.

We Helpin!

My computer/craft room has been empty since early summer, awaiting a fresh coat of paint. This means that whenever I come in here to work, everyone is just breathless to join me to help.

Just how sour does your luck turn when a black cat walks under your ladder? (File under “helpful.”)

Morgan tries to unplug some things. (File under “Extremely helpful when one is using the computer.”)

Morgan has the longest tail of any cat I’ve ever seen. It’s got a funny little kink about an inch from the very end.

Best seat in the house. That would be “whichever one you silly humans want to sit in at the moment.” (File under “very, very helpful.”)

My chair. No touch it.

See, no room for you. All mine.

Emma, meanwhile, was quite sensibly far away at the time, and had nothing whatsoever to do with the aforementioned proceedings.


Mouse said...

Clearly Emma is innocent... or she's trying to hypnotize all of us 'silly humans' into opening some tuna.

Carrie K said...

That scarf is absolutely gorgeous! And if it's long enough to wrap, it's long enough.

Oh, very helpful cats. I particularly the "This is MY chair."

mrspao said...

I love the O'Kitten household - your cats are so beautiful!! I love your scarf!

Chris said...

Hmm, did the black cat happen to break a mirror whilst under the ladder? That's going to be the critical thing...

KnitXcorE said...

the scarf looks gr8! I <3 your adorable kitties :-)

Anonymous said...

Are you still alive ? I mean with a ladder AND a black cat ! Fortunately it wasn't Friday 13 ! Hopefully you can spend another day on this earth to participate on CATS ON TUESDAY !
Each time I look at Emma, I see the twin of Lisa, it's crazy !

Anonymous said...

What purrrrrty kitties... so shmooshable!

And the scarf is gorgeous! I love the cabley purpleness of it.

On another note, I think that Stigmata knits is quiet due to Blogger beta. I'm switched over to beta (for the PRK blog) and now I can't write or comment on Stigmata. This could be why its so quiet- maybe others are having the same issue?

Obsidian Kitten said...

grrr...blogger beta! lol

well, no wonder. i didn't sign up for PRK yet b/c i don't want a blogger beta sign-in. i'm being very stubborn about the whole thing...somthing about handing myself over to google has me all aggravated (not that i don't USE google, mind you, but, you know...)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful purple scarf! I love lorna's blackberry - mr.sunneshine has a black and blackberry stripe hat - such nice subtle color variation to set off the cables!

And Emma is so regal....such pretty, happy cats!

Unknown said...

Do you know what type of cat morgan, the gray cat is? My cat looks identical to yours...even has the super long striped tail