oh blogger, dear blogger...

I really thought Blogger was just out to get me personally. (No, really, I did think it was just me.) So I was actually reassured that I wasn't the only one fighting with it, reduced to cutting and pasting bits of code together from past posts just so I could upload my pictures.

But then I decided to boot up my Mac (which, cute and huggable as it is, I rarely use) and free up my spouse's PC, which is in the "smoking lounge" of the house, because he's been writing a lot, and my Mac may die from neglect, and after all, it is soooooo terribly cute.

And the Blogger interface for the Mac is HORRIBLE. First of all, my blog looked all wacky, and that threw me off. (What's wrong with their QC? I worked, albeit briefly, for a net-co, and we tested everything on Macs and PCs for look, legibility, screen size, blahblahblah. Don't they look? Don't they care?)

Then I tried to compose a new post. EWWWW! I couldn't even get past the first sentence, it was awful, I frogged it, and skulked back to PC it anyway. Ah, the agony of defeat.


RheLynn said...

yikes - I've never ventured into Mac blogging - and probably never will, especially after that report!

Do you check your blog in other browsers? I use Mozilla, but sometimes peek at it in Explorer 6 - which can sometimes be quite funky too!

Obsidian Kitten said...

no, i never tried--now i'm askeered! lol