Mouse Test Lab

For our test, Grey Cat makes a careful selection from the three completed catnip mice. He closely examines the gray specimen.

The maroon mouse is chosen for the mouse test lab experiment. Grey Cat deeply inhales the fresh, cat-nippy aroma. The mouse texture also seems satisfactory to the head of our panel of experts.

Enter Technician Two, Miss Emma Peale, official mouse taste-tester.

Durability testing commences.

As you can see, testing is rigorous and thorough.

Here our stalwart technician pauses briefly to remove some foreign matter from between two hind toes.

Satisfied with the outcome, our exhasuted technician relaxes for a moment, mulling over yet another job well done.

Disclaimer: This lab cannot be held responsible for any employee who may have inhaled too deeply during any testing conducted on its premises.

No mice were harmed during this test. The two control subjects (PinkMouse and GrayMouse) have another destination. MaroonMouse will remain safely here in captivity at the O.K. Laboratories for the duration of its lifespan.


Dee said...

Awwww--- cute kitties. They look like they enjoy their work.

Glad you stopped by my blog. It's nice "to meet ya!" So, have you picked up the cross stitch yet?

With the tropical storm heading our way I'll have plenty of stitching time tonight. ;-)

Elizabeth said...

My Christmas stocking catnip mice were ripped right apart by my resident experts. I have yet to try catnip on the new kittens.

RheLynn said...

Hehe - very cat approved! Great action shots too :o) The older cats must have been plotting to be extra-photogenic with TWO kittens around :o)

Rebekah said...

Great cat testers! They are obviously paid well.

Thanks for the photo journal of toys being tested.

Carrie K said...

It's heartening to see someone work so hard at quality control! Downright inspirational.

msfortuknit said...

k not a cat girl but mrs peel! I swear that its totally ok for my daughter to beg to stare at the kihyeee on your page!

so my font on my side bars is:
Bradley Hand ITC

and my blog and header are:
Kristen ITC
Hope this helps ya! And gawd do you have fantastic taste in music!

Obsidian Kitten said...

oooh, i love bradley hand, i shoulda known, haven't seen kristen before though--very nice!

heehee, i'm year of the monkey too! no wonder we have the same taste in moosic =)

mrspao said...

Miss Emma Peale is a gorgeous lady! I just love grey cats too! Thank you for stopping by :)

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