A Missing Mouse, a Kitten on the Keys

Despite O.K. Laboratories promise to secure MaroonMouse's wellbeing, M.M. is MIA. Perhaps Emma has merely tucked MaroonMouse away for safekeeping? I will keep you posted.

Isis and Morgan had to find their own mouse, as Grey Cat and Emma refused to sh2are787jjjjjjjjjjuui [oops, kitten interference--I guess Isis wanted to express to you herself how unfair she thought the situation was. Emma kept chasing her away during the mouse test, after all.]

Here Morgan demonstrates proper mouse-pounce form on yet another mouse (yes, with four cats, we are indeed
House of Many Mouse).
But alas, Morgan seems to have caught whatever Isis had over Memorial Day weekend...now she has the kitty malaise and fever but, fortunately, no other symptoms. A visit to the vet today procured yet another bottle of banana-scented Clavamox and hopefully that'll do the trick for her just as it did for Isis. Meanwhile Isis is back to chasing Grey Cat and Emma, forlornly playmate-le6ss[]=----
]\\bv7tggtgs3£ [LOL, once again, Isis chose that moment to express herself on the keys--I swear I'm not making this up...] She just bit my ear for confirmation.

In other animal news, Broody Hen escorted her chick out into public this week. She is teaching it to scratch in the dirt and shows it in great detail what is edible (grass: yes, chick feed: yes, cornbread crumbs: yes, potato peels: mamas only). They have long, almost incessant conversations together. Sometimes the baby chick is having its lessons, and sometimes it is just running in crazy circles around Broody Hen's feet. Too funny.

Finally, planting is almost finished. Eggplant and pickling cukes, check. Today was pumpkins, hubbard, and spaghetti squash. And my mom gave me some really pretty flowers--we potted them the other day and now they're hanging on my deck. (This is a big step up from nothing but a fire escape to grow things on!)

Another disclaimer: I managed to do this post on my Mac, yay! But there's no cheat-y preview thingy so...ack! Here goes...


Obsidian Kitten said...

ok, it looks alright after all for having been Mac'd. and it doesn't hurt me to have to learn a wee smidgen of html, now does it?

Carrie K said...

It looks fine. Those cats are darling and even the chick is a cutie pie.

Rebekah said...

Once again great pictures, I loved the chicken lessons. It's so neat watching animal parents. Amazing.

RheLynn said...

Pretty flowers! Your kitten pictures are really darling - especially the mouse pouncing ;o)

Wow - you are getting a lot done in your garden too! Hilarious chicken lessons - I can see those happening in my head.