Kittens, Chicks, & Seedlings: A Random Sampler

Dinner at the O.K. Corral. Everyone's favorite time, of course.

The kittens' favorite spot when I'm at the computer.

Emma insists that she is at least as cute as two stupid kittens.

The chicks are eight weeks old now. I think these two will be Silver-Laced Wyandottes, like three of my hens. They're getting very big.

And there are a lot of them.

In case you forgot how little they were two months ago.
They were egg-sized.

Pickling cucumbers planted June 11. Yay for pickles!

Pumpkin seedlings.

I hung the basket my mom and I planted. I'm so excited the clematis is blooming (at left). I love clematis--especially purple ones.

One final and entirely gratuitous kitten picture.


Rebekah said...

Emma your definitely as cute as two kittens! Although that kitten on the shelf is mighty cute. My dad used to have a cat, Pica, that lived at his print shop. Pica had to sit on every piece of paper that came into that building. She lived to be 21. So see paper sitting is good for a kitties health.

Lani said...

Awwww, love the kitty on the shelf. So cute. :-)

KnitXcorE said...

Your kitties are soooo cute!... we just adopted a second one recently. She's soooo sweet, I'll post pics if i can get her to sit still long enough :-)

RheLynn said...

Hehe! Willow once hid in our boss' mom's inbox because she was scared of someone new in the office. It took us forever to find her! Isis really reminds me of that moment we saw a bit of tail trailing out :o)

Pretty flowers and yes big chickens! I didn't know you had so many chicks!

Your cats are getting along very well together - all of them it seems. How did you do it? The girls don't like any other cats except well.... the two that aren't around anymore :o(

Anonymous said...

Yay for cows, and yay for cute kitties hiding in the bookcase.


Carrie K said...

Emma is definitely as cute as the two kittens! But that final picture of the kitty in the bookcase is darling.

Wow, lots of cute fluffy chicks.

Mouse said...

As long as I had internet and Netflix movie delivery I could live anywhere. I'd much prefer to live on a farm rather than this crazy city I'm stuck in now.. love the black kitty in the bookshelf! I was totally distracted by the Hellraiser puzzlebox in the last photo to notice the kitten at first.. I fly my geek flag proudly.. lol