Waiting Rooms and Kittyvillesque a la carte

Here's what I was doing in the waiting room Thursday morning: working on a larger critter blanket. Yes, it looks exactly like the first one, but since I have all that DreamBaby yarn in pastels that I myself am not partial to, I figure what could be more perfect for the animals? I highly doubt they'll look into each other's cages and say snidely, "Hey Daisy, guess what she's got? Yeah, the exact same blanket as you! You are SO last season..."

MaroonMouse reappeared as mysteriously as it disappeared, nonchalantly showing up yesterday in the middle of the living room amidst the rest of the cat toys, and Morgan has been reintegrated into the rest of the household as well. Thank goodness, because for three days our bedroom door looked like this as Isis pined for her playmate:

Isis is certain she can still play with Morgan, even though Morgan remains in the sick cat isolation ward (I mean, our bedroom).

Look at Isis' sad little face. Pathetic!

Inside view, showing Morgan (rear view), obviously unimpressed by Isis' devotion. Check out the big Isis-paws shoved under the door!

Awhile back I promised to post a pattern for the wristwarmers I made to match the Kittyville Hat. You can find the wristwarmers at Punk Rock Knit Girls (posted June 15).

Finally, one last vintage family hand-knit. My aunt knit this poncho for my mom when she was in college. Now this is one pattern I wish I could get my hands on. (I really ought to ask my aunt if she still has it. She might just save things forever the same way my mom does...)


Carrie K said...

Poor Isis! Those paws are precious. And there's Morgan, completely impervious. Is he feeling better?

Did you ask your aunt? My family are Packrats with a capital P. We keep everything. I'm trying to break the habit, but it's genetic...

RheLynn said...

Poor Morgan in the sick kitty isolation ward :o( And poor Isis without her playmate too! Were they getting along 'famously' before the split-up?

Obsidian Kitten said...

omigish, they were--are--getting along so well! lol

Morgan is fine now, happy dance! there has been much rejoicing, frolicking, cuddling, wrestling, chasing, and napping in kitten piles, lol

Chris said...

Glad to hear that Morgan is better and they are together again! I love the picture of the paws under the door. :)

RheLynn said...

Yay! Good girl Morgan! Chase that nasty kitty ick away with much help at pawing from Isis ;o)