blankies and maglets

I have a package ready to send off to Rebekah for her pet charity drive. I love animals (I'm sure you haven't been able to tell, if you've seen this blog before), so it's been fun to have something pet-related to work on.
I couldn't get any good pictures of the small critter blanket I finished, but oh well. The shots I posted with Isis in them (6/04, below) are much more fun to look at anyway.

I also started a catnip mouse from Samantha's pattern. It took about an hour and all it needs is the addition of the aromatic 'nip, which grows all over the farm and is currently hanging to dry in big bundles on my deck. Great pattern, and so cute! The completed prototype will be tested first here by our panel of three experts, but I am positive it is going to pass all of our rigorous safety, reliability, and pleasurability standards.
I'm also sending Rebekah two sets of bionic fridge "maglets" as prizes; one set features B-movie film noir divas, other is a "crafty scout" set. (Sorry you can't see them better here.) Here's a detail shot, but not of the ones I sent--those will remain a mystery.


Samantha said...

Hey cool! Thanks. :) I have 4 official testers and they all love it. My two cats and my sister's two cats. Hopefully your three experts will like it too. :)

RheLynn said...

Cheers! Your maglets look very cool - and I like the packaging on your shelter sendoff! What a resource having all that wild catnip around - maybe that is why Emma is trying to convince Isis to run outside ;o)

Emma to Isis: 'There is this great green stuff - lots of it! When you're old enough we'll escape and go roll in it!' ;o)

Do you get Morgan this week?

Rebekah said...

Thanks so much! I can't wait to see the maglets!

Obsidian Kitten said...

We go pick up Morgan today. Since we're adopting her from a vet, she gets a year of free shots and free spay. I figure this somehow makes up for the expensive emergency visit we had with Isis. Like a buy one-get one free kitten offer? LOL

Isis will ride along for her first (but not free) shots as well.

* * *

I actually think it's more likely Emma is going to try to talk Isis into playing in the road.

Emma to Isis: "See that smooth grey area out there? It warms up in the sun, and is a GREAT place to lie down and take a nice nap..."