More Vegetable Attacks and a Trip to Balducci's

I cannot seem to convince the girls that these little ornaments I just needle-felted are not cat toys.

Good Cat/Bad Cat

Nor is a tomato a cat toy. Here I present evidence of another cat/fruit molestation.

Is this the culprit?

Isis is doing her best to look innocent...

...and I rather suspect that Morgan, vegetable and nature lover extraordinaire, is actually to blame.

Although this cat can certainly be up to no good.

In Which I Go to Balducci's

I just reunited with my fellow transplanted Southerner/New York gal-about-town/dear friend Susan on a gorgeous fall afternoon for a long chat and snack on the waterfront. We decided to grab munchies at--yep, Balducci's.

In the four years since I left NYC, Balducci's relocated from its small West Village quarters to a vast cathedral-like site that used to be a bank. This location long stood empty, not far from the meat-packing district, which is now also lined with super-chic shops like Stella McCartney and outdoor cafes. Not long ago eating on a Fourteenth Street curbside would have been unthinkable--I mean, really EWWW!

And now look.

Plus, A Birthday

Happy Birthday, Mr. O'Kitten! J'adore.


Chris said...

Happy Birthday, Mr O'Kitten!

Hmm... Isis sure does look guilty. I'm sure she's done something.

Um... what exactly IS that tall ornament in the first picture?! It can't be what it looks like... *ahem*

Puss-in-Boots said...

Happy Birthday, Mr O'K! Hope you had a good one...

As for the cat culprit...it's probably a case of pick a cat, any cat...

Obsidian Kitten said...

in this house it is *totally* pick a cat, any cat...lol

and that ornament is an oversized candy corn, thankyouverymuch! heehee

Ros @ Yarn Lust said...

wow your cats actually LIKE the fruits & veggies? mine only like bags full of crunchy things hee hee.

Obsidian Kitten said...

It's not as thought they actually eat the fruits and veggies, they just maul them for fun. They're insane...

mrspao said...

Ok, I confess I thought what Chris did.

Isis is just encouraging you to get your five a day!

Happy Birthday, Mr O'Kitten!

ladylinoleum said...

Kitties always seem to be playing around with stuff that is not theirs. LOL

Love those little needle felted ornaments! Very cool.

KJ said...

Happy Birthday belated Mr. O

And yeah, my animals molest fruit too.


Beth said...

I miss you.

Just sayin