A Funny Little Guy, Dinah, and a Surprise

A Funny Little Guy

I was very excited to find this funny necklace at a store right by where I work. It's called Stella Gialla. I think he's perfect for Halloween.

His Halloweeniness attracted Isis' attention immediately.


I found this lovely pendant at Hoolala on etsy. I was delighted because, of course, Dinah is the original Obsidian Kitten.

Isis, who is also an Obsidian Kitten (okay, make that Cat), couldn't believe that Dinah also makes her signature Surprised Owl face.

A Surprise

Yarn from KnottyMouse!

And stitchmarkers. Skulls, a ghost, a fall leaf -- and a ninja! Check out her shop. She is way too cool.

What tha--

New post at my new blog The Money Shot. It's got chocolate. For real.

Num num num...


Puss-in-Boots said...

I had a beautiful Obsidian Cat quite a few years ago called Shadow. He was so sleek and shiny and a big cat, too. He was my beautiful boy.

Cute little pendants...especially the Dinah one, naturally.

Chris said...

Aren't her markers amazing?! Hee hee - black kitties are SO curious. Did Isis steal anything? That usually happens round here.

Mouse said...

Aw.. you're sweet. I'm glad that you liked the yarn and the crazy assortment of stitch markers!

Gattina said...

Love the little necklaces !
Have a look on Rosie on my cat blog, if you have time !

mrspao said...

Great pendants :) The stitch markers are fabulous, too!

Elizabeth said...

Great little trinkets but was chocolate mentioned???

meemsnyc said...

Wow those are great pieces of jewelry! Really cool!

Carrie K said...

He's very cute! and Dinah pendant is a real find.

Off to check out the Money Shot!