I Habe a Code

You haven't heard from me in a few days because I have been in bed with a bad cold. I make a really lousy sick person--whiny, lazy, needy, demanding to be waited on hand and foot and talking a lot about "soup". Fortunately that's only when I'm awake, which is rarely more than an hour or two out of the day.

I don't understand "troopers"--you know the type: They have a 104-degree fever and are still at work. To me a fever is the body's equivalent of a nuclear meltdown and signifies the immediate need to crawl into bed as far from human contact as possible.

A fever means that your body is fighting off some devious, possibly deadly infection and you should please get it as far away from me as possible. This is no time for heroics. Go lay down somewhere--anywhere, I don't care if it's under a bus--as long as your germs are nowhere near mine.

Aside from my constant sleeping and occassionally annoying demands ("more juice please" or "more Nyquil please") Mr. O'Kitten finds me very funny when I'm sick because I sound like a Mae West frog crossed with a three-year-old kid and everything I say makes him laugh and laugh. So I guess there's that.

If you don't feel good either, this site might have a few things to cheer you up, like this:

and this:

And Contest Contest Contest! Enter me now or I will remain very sad! =(


Mouse said...

Your package of sock yarn bits is going out tomorrow via Priority Mail. There are some goodies in there too..

Puss-in-Boots said...

I'm sorry you are feeling poorly, O'K. I hope you come right soon.

I make a terrible patient, too. But I loathe being fussed over...I just want to crawl into my cave and wallow in self pity all by myself. Just go away and leave me alone! Then, when I feel better, I bounce back as if nothing was wrong...some people can't understand that.

mrspao said...

Get well soon!

Chris said...

Ob nose! Feel better soon.