Worth More Than Money

Good Karma

I've been working in a women's clothing store for the past few months and yesterday a customer I'd never met before spontaneously gave me the necklace she was wearing. I'd been telling her how much I liked it, and we had a lovely conversation about the street fair on Atlantic Avenue where she'd bought it, and I was saying that's my favorite kind of shopping--street fairs and flea markets. She bought a few things and as she was leaving she gave me her necklace.

Just like that. I tried to protest at first but then it seemed like the thing to do was say yes and thank you. It made my whole day. We were all kind of stunned after she left and one of my co-workers said, "See? That's good karma...and in this economy, good karma is worth more than money."

Well, there you go.

Big Bag o'Yarny Goodness

A friend I used to work with found me again, even though she had moved from New York to the West Coast, because of knitting--turns out she too had started knitting and came across a Knitty article I wrote. Now not only does she have a day job in the field through which we originally met nearly ten years ago, but she is also the creator of Yarn Lust. She was in New York last week and brought me an enormous bag of glorious, glorious yarn.

Ros with bag of most delectable yarn

Ros and fellow left-coaster/significant other, Darren

Me and Ros

We ate at Jive Turkey...fried turkey, mmmm!

The beginnings of more Monster-Hat making. Remember: contest contest contest! Just send a bit of yarn to enter -- email me at sohopixieATyahooDOTcom for the snail mail address!

Good Kat

Good kat? Perhaps a debatable point. More to come.


Puss-in-Boots said...

Heehee! Love the photo of Good Kat.

What a beautiful necklace, O'K. Yes, that's right...karma is worth a lot and you obviously deserve that necklace.

As for that yarn...oh, now you'll be able to go mad knitting, what a joy for a dyed in the wool knitter (pun intended).

KJ said...

Oh I lust after that yarn! Jealous!

Anonymous said...

This story just shows that there are more good people in this world then bad, but you would never know from the TV news media.


mrspao said...

I would agree - when someone does a spontaneously nice thing it means so much more!

Gattina said...

That was really a very nice gesture ! Did you cut your hair ? You look very good on this picture !
What happens to your cats ? I miss you on Cats on Tuesday !

Chris said...

Wow, that was incredibly sweet of the customer!

Glad you got to see your "left coaster" friends. :D

historicstitcher said...


I'm getting on a plane on Thursday and going to Rhinebeck on Saturday!! Any chance of maybe getting together this weekend??

I miss you SO much!

Elizabeth said...

You've had a very good week!

Can't wait to see what you've made with the yarn.

Anonymous said...

Good cat? Ha!

Carrie K said...

Good cat/bad cat?

Wow, that was really sweet! That necklace is gorgeous.

Speaking of gorgeous, did you see that bag Ros is holding?

Ros @ Yarn Lust said...

ooh those hats are coming along - and they look great! you're right - that green is a fun color combo! i've got another quart-sized bag to send you. keep those pix comin, i love seeing them (and so does Darren, who is a complete fan of the monster hat)!

it was great seeing you again!
*muah* - ros