Meet Me at The Money Shot

I'm starting a new project about how I've been overcoming fear of financial insecurity for the past, oh, twenty years or so. Pretty much everyone I know is resourceful and crafty (hehheh!) so I know you all will have some great comments and ideas, whether finances are the evil bane of your existence or you have a very zen attitude about the whole thing.

Trust me, it will be an uplifting, good time--not a gripe and whinge session! Come on, would I give you any less? *winning used-car-salesman grin*

Please come and check out my intro post. I bet a lot of y'all would have interesting stuff to contribute as the ball gets rolling because I know I'm not the only one who has spent time living (or still lives) on a shoestring. I already have about 20 posts planned so it should be good, especially if we get some conversation going with input from all my bright and innovative friends out there.

Thanks and kisses all round! ~ O'Kitten


Puss-in-Boots said...

I've read the intro post on your new blog, O'K, and left a comment. It sounds as if it could be rather intriguing...not like the economy...very depressing. Actually Australia's not so badly off, although there will be job losses, but I think this sort of thing happens once in a while...as a result of corporate greed.

mrspao said...

That's a great idea.