Cats on Tuesday: We're Two

Isis and Morgan are both big girls now. Morgan turned two years old in February, and Isis' second birthday was March 25th. Happy Birthday to our two silly girls!

You can't tell from the photo, but Isis is about twice as big as Morgan. It's really funny.


Chris said...

Happy birthday, Isis and Morgan!!

You can't tell from pictures that Chaos has 7 lbs on May, either.

Helen said...

They really seem to love each other. My cats have "cat battles", and are not so sweet. Your blanket looks awesome, very very nice.

Jewelgirl said...

Happy Birthday Kitties!
My Aniwa is so tiny she still looks like a kitten compared
to Spooky but they're still

Gattina said...

They became beautiful girls ! My little Rosie will be 1 year old next months ! time goes by so fast ! But she will remain a very small cat. Not like my little elephant Arthur !

mrspao said...

Happy Birthday, gorgeous kitties!