Obsidian Kitten Shop Update

Soft Sculpture Braided Fiber Basket from llama (Graty) and merino-rambouillet roving.

At long last I've updated my etsy shop.

There you will find:
~ handknits from my own handspun yarns, with some fibers from our own animals and from my own improvised patterns
~ weird cards with monsters on them; not-so-weird cards with our Icelandic sheep and chickens on them
~ my paintings of naughty words
~ Mr. O'Kitten's paintings of naughty bits (although not quite in the way you might expect)
~ other general strangeness (like A Very Hairy Box)
~ some vintage buttons

Long Fingerless Gauntlets in Black Alpaca Wool

New monster cards, like this one

Handspun Fine Llama and Shetland Wool Yarn, from Lacey and Switzer's fiber

Switzer (at left), Pepper, and Lacey (in foreground).

Okay, enough for the shameless self-promotion. Tomorrow we will return to our regularly scheduled programming, I promise.


meemsnyc said...

Love the fingerlesw gauntlet sleeve things. Those are great!

KJ said...