Red and Black and Black and Red

I've been spinning some of Louet's Northern Lights (the color is called Field Berries) and combining one ply of that with one ply of dark Llannie-llama/shetland.

I'm hoping to spin enough to actually make a garment--I'm thinking of a skirt I want to design.

This is merino-tencel in a graphite color that I love.

I finished my Fahrenheit 451 socks. I knit the second sock (at right) just a bit more tightly and the color distributed more evenly. It almost makes me want to go back and re-knit the first sock--but I'm too lazy for that. I love the colors, and I really don't mind that the two socks are a little different.


bellamoden said...

I rather love their fraternalness... So glad that it was plenty for a pair of socks!

Love the graphite. YUM.

Chris said...

The socks are lovely!!

'Tart said...

Hello Obsidian Kitten,
I love the socks. I love the fact that you rove. I love the fingerless gloves below.

It's good to come visit again and find you so busy and making great stuff.

Can you explain what 'Cats on Tuesday' is all about, and about 'Mr. Linky?' I missed that and was wondering.

It's so good to come by again and I hope to visit again soon.

Anonymous said...

Cats on Tuesday is a group of people that blog about their cats on Tuesdays. (I'm rather sporadic about it at best, lol)

Somehow they're linked by this "Mr Linky" thing. I'm not really sure how that works...the group of fellow Tuesday Cat bloggers shows up in my sidebar tho. I guess it's sort of like a web ring?

Good to see you! I'm having fun with the sock thing ~ it's as if all my old socks heard I learned to knit and all wore out at once.

Obsidian Kitten said...

okay, the above comment is from me, o'kitten

'Tart said...

Gotcha, I was starting to suspect.:)

You are doing such great stuff and are so busy. When you came to my blog you commented that you have Bipolar II (my blog is all about my bipolar as you know) and I wondered how that was going for you, the meds, and any other issues. It seems you are being very successful in the textile arts, and I applaud you. I wonder if you have a blog about your bipolar as well, because I love both textiles myself and I love to share or commiserate the illness too. I was just wondering, I don't mean to be nosy.

Peter said...

Your socks rock!


KJ said...

That graphite color is kick azz! I love it!