Cats on Tuesday: Girls Make Nice

Emma tends to be a bit standoffish with the younger girls, so I'm always surprised to see this happen. Cute, huh? I took the opportunity to photograph a sock I had just finished knitting. (I actually completed the sock's mate a few moments ago.)

Isis loves to give baths. Usually she only bathes Morgan, although lately I've caught her trying to steal a few licks on Emma's head. Emma doesn't tolerate her attentions for long, but I have actually seen it happen.

During the day, Isis' vigorous bathing rituals will turn into cat spats with Morgan, but in the late evenings Morgan allows longer baths and the two curl up asleep together. And last night, Isis gave me a head bath. It was very special.

Emma used to give Mr. O'Kitten head baths all the time. I was very jealous.

For all you knitters, this is the sock.

By the way, Emma will deny that she ever allowed Isis' tongue to touch her.


Criz Lai said...

Speaking of bathing, the gang will have to take their bath in a short while.. haha. The humid weather here is creating lots of fleas problem over here. I can hardly get them to be flea-free for less than 3 hours.

As for head cleaning, it happened all the time after bath. My kitties, including the Mummy will give each other a further cleanup :P

Gattina said...

Of course your sock looks much better on a cat ! lol ! Here it's Rosie who tries to wash eveybody myself included. But only Arthur and Kim agree, the others are hissing ! Unthankful cats !
Nice you played again ! Hope your snow is gone by know and spring is moving in ! In Belgium despite the fact that everything is blooming it is cold like in winter !

Anonymous said...

Kitty baths are an endless job. Just as we finish, it's time to begin again!

historicstitcher said...

My Isis likes to groom my eyebrows, but back before Chaka joined us she would lay upside down on the back of the couch and wash my hair. She'd grab chunks of curls in her paws and wash them, then grab another, and so on. It was sweet, but she needed another cat!

Now they get into it over who is going to bathe whom!

Irishcoda said...

Aw, how cute! Our gang hardly ever treats each other to head licks.

Deana said...

I used to have a cat who loved to hold the others or my hand down and bath you. Those pics are so sweet. It is always nice seeing them being loving to each other. And your sock is very pretty.

Chris said...

Aw, Isis should be here - May likes to get baths, but Chaos gets impatient with her! I'm glad she honored you. :)

Elizabeth said...

My mate used to get his beard cleaned by one of our kittens.
We have one cat who likes to clean all the cats and one just like Emma, who denies that he ever lets her.
Spring at last!
Let's not mention the "W" word again shall we? It will take a long time to recover from this one.

catsynth said...

It's a real compliment to be groomed by a cat. Luna sometimes grooms my hair.

Very cute photos. Interest contrast in furs :)

Andrée said...

How sweet! I love it when my cats do that. But like yours, it often ends in a spat. That's a shame. But I guess in cat lives, it can be irritating! (PS: I love your socks. My daughter has begun knitting me socks and finally my feet are warm!)

Jewelgirl said...

The pecking order of cats is
odd. Sometimes friends and other times foes. I think it happens
the most when there's more than
two cats in the house. Sweet
socks, love the color!

pins&needles said...

Great sock! Cute cats! My cats don't bathe each other, but they play around and you can hear them run around all over the place.

Chris said...

Aw, thank you so very, very much for the GORGEOUS bowl and the cat dancer!! The cat dancer has already been out and about and May loves it - even Chaos played with it for a while. :) And the bowl is just perfect!