April Showers Bring Rainy Day Socks

It's raining, but you can see the grass is already getting greener. Of course, tonight the rain has turned to snow. Ah well, they say you can't have everything.

But one does have time to knit in this weather, when one isn't staring listlessly out the window. Here's the first Rainy Day sock. See previous post for bellamoden yarn pic. I forgot to mention that this lovely yarn is sportweight in a beautiful colourway she calls Fahrenheit 451. Too cool.

Second sock, in progress. I'm using Charlene Schurch's Sensational Knitted Socks 6-stitch chart again, with the Rainy Day Sock Lace pattern. It's from MagKnits, which I guess is gone. Cute pattern, though.

Will someone just wake us up when winter is finally over?


Anonymous said...

I was so surprised to click on MagKnits and it wasn't there. There was a sock pattern that was new. I was going to print it out, but I was apparently a day too late.

Love the "rainy day" socks you are making.

Chris said...

We're supposed to have a few warm sunny days, starting today... Pretty sock!

pins&needles said...

Those socks and the socks you posted yesterday are cool!

I'm so glad spring is here, but it is still chilly outside.

Laura said...

Winter MUST be over - we have lambs! Four ewes have lambed out five lambs, there are eight ewes to go and some more coming from Missouri. You can see pictures on our website.

How is Tyr (formerly known as Tiny) doing?