When Chickens Eat Spaghetti

On Saturday, Mr. O'Kitten shared some leftover spaghetti with the chickens. Unfortunately, this hen ran underneath the pasta before it even hit the ground.

Chickens really like spaghetti.

Finished Log Cabin Blankie

The log cabin baby blanket is finished and off to its intended recipient.

I hate seaming, so I decided to do a little cross-stitch across the center to join the two halves. There's an extra little stitch in between each cross to make sure it doesn't shift or gape open.


Chris said...

I had no idea about chickens and spaghetti! Pretty blanket. :)

meemsnyc said...

Had no idea that chickens liked spaghetti! Interesting!!

jessie said...

We speculate that chickens love spaghetti because they think the noodles are giant worms. And they like red stuff, including tomatoes, so it's a natural match, right?

Cute blanket!

mrspao said...

Giggle - I had no idea that chickens like spaghetti!

Your blanket looks wonderful!

Carrie K said...

Silly chickens, cute Log Cabin, Happy Birthday Isis! (and possibly a really belated HB to Morgan).

pins&needles said...

Super cool Log Cabin blanket! I like the cross-stitch touch.

Anonymous said...

Wow you learn something new every day.
Enjoy the weekend