Needed: Sock Yarn Bits and Bobs -- Contest!

So here's the recipient of the Monster Hat. It looks much better on Zack than I ever could've imagined--so good, in fact, that all his friends out in L.A. are clamouring for Monster Hats of their own. Yours truly has been enlisted to come up with some.

Hence the contest...because I need some more bits and bobs of sock yarn with which to make them, and I figure the best way to secure a wide variety of yarns is to appeal to the generosity of my knitting friends, who I figure will inevitably have some short, odd, hopefully brightly-coloured bits of yarn floating around.

Sock Yarn Bits and Bobs Contest!

Have you got bits of sock yarn left from various projects? A few yards here, a few yards there? Well, that's exactly what I need! Send them to me, I'll reimburse you for your postage, put them to excellent use, AND enter you to win some nifty prizes!

All you have to do is email me at sohopixieATyahooDOTcom and I'll send you my mailing address. Also, you can let me know what you'll need for postage. If you send me some sock yarn before Halloween (that's before October 31, 2008), you will be entered to win one of three cool prizes:

A $25 gift certificate from Yarn Lust
Your choice of any item from ObsidianKitten.etsy.com
Your very own copy of I Can Has Cheezburger ("full of awsum and kittehs")

First-drawn wins choice of the three prizes, second-drawn gets second choice, third drawn gets the last prize. Got it?

So email me now at sohopixieATyahooDOTcom and send me your unwanted bits of yarn that are looking for their forever home!

** The Fine Print: Odds and ends are great, ideally sock or similar weight yarns. Preferably lengths of at least five yards (remember I can't knit with 2-3 inch bits) but short lengths (10 yards and up) are fine. I'm making hats for kids so bright/varigated colours are ideal; however anything is welcome; even fuzzy and/or novelty yarns can be used for the brims. Please note that I am well-stocked with Red Heart/acrylic type yarns, so please keep those at home. Many thanks! **


Chris said...

LOL! I'll mention this on Thursday. Gotta warn ya - I'm saving my bits and bobs of sock yarn for some sort of afghan project in the future...

meemsnyc said...

What a cute hat!!! What is sock yarn?? I am not sure of what that is.

mrspao said...

What a great idea!

Kat said...

Great idea. I'm happy send off my sock yarn leftovers. I've got enough of them.

Obsidian Kitten said...

Thanks, Chris!

Meems...I will write more on sock yarn. Lengths anywhere above 10 yds are most welcome--the longer the better--the more hats I can make!

Thank you Kat, I will email you my address asap!

KnitXcorE said...

I'm in!