Spinning and Bunnies and Birds and Stuff

Thanks to all of y'all for all of your good healing energy and loving thoughts. Mr. O'Kitten flew back home for the holidays and is now in the hospital in NYC. Maybe the doctors out there will figure out something that the Michigan doctors haven't been able to. Fingers and paws all crossed for luck and healing here.

Meanwhile, I took refuge at the Spinning Loft with Spinning Spider Jenny (she was so wonderful and what a treat to make a new friend and learn SO much) and dear friends like Beth and the new spinning buddies that I made over the weekend. This has been my thread to sanity and thank the spinning goddesses or I'd likely be in the hospital by now, too.

There are pics of our Wool Shop Sleepover and other excitement here at Beth's blog, including what seems like an inordinate number of pictures of me making funny faces and gesticulating wildly and the like. But all in all you can see what a fantastic time we had -- at least I suppose you can; maybe you just had to be there.

Since I didn't take my camera to the Spinning Loft--not even last night when Sean and I went to see Michelle's baby bunnies--I will insert here some of my birds. You know, just for fun.

These are my last incubator hatch. The black one with white speckles in the middle was an unusual all-black chick that Mr. O'Kitten named Johnny Cash.

They are getting very big already; I've heard a couple of them trying to crow.

Now I have to go and do my profile and stuff on Ravelry at long last because that's what all the cool kids are doing. My ravelry name is okitten if you wanna find me there. Woo-hoo!


Mouse said...

I friended you over at Ravelry (I'm Mouse there too..) and also followed the links to the baby bunnies. I'm dying from the cuteness over here.. I hate having to wait until we move to get my angora bunnies!!!

Mouse said...

Also.. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Puss-in-Boots said...

I sincerely hope Mr O'K finally gets to come home for Christmas, Ms O'K. What a worrying time it's been for you.

However, glad to hear you had some "me" time for yourself. You're right, you did need that, or you would have gone under.

Happy Thanksgiving and keep us posted on Mr O'K.


Carrie K said...

Found you on Ravelry!

I hope Mr OKitten gets better fast, that's a lot of mileage. Fingers and paws duly crossed!

Barbara-Kay said...

You'll find me on ravelry as meezermeowmy (a reference to my 3 Siamese furpeople).

Continued good thoughts for you and yours, be they 4-footed or 2.

Samantha said...

I hope Mr O'Kitten's doctors in NY find out what is wrong and fix him. HUG x

Chris said...

You and Mr O'Kitten are in my thoughts.