My Hamburglar

If you put Odo (our Ameraucana/Easter Egg rooster) and Kira (a silver-spangled Hamburg hen) together, what do you get?

A Hamburglar. He's my favorite of our cockerels, small and compact like his mamma, with her lovely black speckles on his chest and slate grey legs and feet.

Likely my fondness for him means he'll be the only one of the the young males that will escape the trip next week that will culminate in our freezer. Isn't he handsome?

The Hamburglar (at right)

There are two Kiras, who've long been favorites around here. They're small and sprightly, like little roadrunners.

A lot of this year's pullets are showing signs of Odo's Ameraucana parentage, like these distinctive "ear muffs" and beards. I think it makes them look a bit like Muppets, but it's very endearing.

But the green and blue-green eggs have become a daily treat. Yay for Odo!


mrspao said...

The Hamburglar is beautiful!

Mouse said...

Well its a good thing he won't end up in the freezer!! I'd have to come up and steal him away otherwise and put him in the yard so that he could live with me. I love the colored eggs.. so pretty! After your posts I'm definitely looking to get some Ameraucanas when we get our land.

Anonymous said...

He is lovely! I would be completely useless as a farmer. None of them would ever end up in the freezer, although I am enough of a hypocrite to appreciate the taste of fresh meat!

Becky said...

I'd forgotten how handsome Odo is and the Hamburgler is well on his way to being just as handsome.

Andrée said...

wow. He's a beauty. Going to show him at the fair (I hope that's not a stupid question)? But as soon as I no longer live alone (and that looks as if it'll never happen) I want to do this with chickens.