Home Again & Friday Night Videos

I'm home safely, belly full and fiber happy. Tomorrow (Saturday 12/1) at the Spinning Loft Beth is celebrating her one-year anniversary with snacks, lots of door prizes, and gifties for everyone, so I'll be there all day for the Open House. Should be fun.

I'm too lazy to get my camera out, so you're getting recycled photos. That's me on our honeymoon trip to New Mexico in 2002. We went to Roswell, if you hadn't guessed. Because, you know, if you're in NM, you just have to go to Roswell.

I've been talking to Mr. O'Kitten every night and getting long letters from him. He sounds like he's making some improvement and may get out in about a week. We all have our fingers and paws crossed here.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Isis. She was very small back then. Of course, she is quite big now. But I still love this photo. She is fearsome despite her small stature. She already had the enormous feet, though.

Lately she's been sleeping stretched out next to me under the covers. She kneads me with her oversized paws and purrs until she falls asleep. Sometimes she does that little twitching-in-her-dreams thing. I love that. Emma sleeps next to my pillow, facing Mr. O'Kitten's pillow. She keeps looking at me expectantly, as if I could just bring him home by wishing it so. Ah, if only.

Friday Night Videos

While watching The Wombats over and over again last weekend, I was recalling how much I've always liked videos. When MTV went on the air way back when, we didn't have cable at my house. In fact, we only had four channels--ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS (which was on another dial and usually rather fuzzy).

Hard to imagine this now when TV comes in the hundreds of channels. Not that there's anything better to watch than X-Files and CSI re-runs anyway. But I digress.

I was saved from my cable-less predicament (and hence, no MTV) by the advent of Friday Night Videos in 1983. For a full 90 minutes late Friday night, and on regular network television at that, I could watch Duran Duran prowl the jungle Hungry Like the Wolf and see Kim Carnes' Betty Davis Eyes. It was a godsend.

So, now--thanks to YouTube and this interweb thingamajig--I will inflict upon you my own Friday Night Video, which you can expect to be a regular O'Kitten feature (as much as I can manage to do anything regularly).

This week's feature is The White Stripes' "I Fell in Love With A Girl" and it renewed my hope for video a couple years back. And who doesn't love Legos?


mrspao said...

Hehe :) I love that video. Isis was such a beautiful kitten!

I'm glad to hear Mr O'Kitten is on the mend - fingers crossed.

Chris said...

I'm glad to hear that Mr O'Kitten is improving!!

I love that picture of Isis, too.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Shannah, glad to hear you arrived home safely and also that Mr O'K is improving. That's great news. I do hope he's home for Christmas, too.

I was intrigued to hear how your name was pronounced...I imagined it to be like Hannah. It's very pretty.

Well, you enjoy your videos...we've got a couple of great nights coming up on tv, with what sounds like good music shows. Can't wait...

Take care.

Carrie K said...

So that's where the meeting is! I was wondering.

That's such a cute pic of Isis! Glad to hear about Mr O'K.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to all the well wishers. I am free and running amok in NYC. All my love to my beautiful wife. I will see you very soon.

Mr. O'Kitten

Beth said...

I love the White Stripes but don't own any of the music.

Come home Mr O'Kitten. I can't very well be wrecking your home if you're not home:-)

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