A Blog Post a Day...Plus Cats

I've been such a lousy blogger lately that I saw this and jumped on the bandwagon. In the vein of "National Novel Writing Month," it's NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month--novel, right?) and I'm on board. So hopefully you'll be hearing from me just a teensy bit more regularly. At least for a few days.

And now for our regularly neglected weekly feature:

Cats on Tuesday

Emma Makes Nice

I caught Emma sharing a chair with Isis...

...and fast asleep with Morgan.
Just don't tell anyone, lest you ruin her reputation.

Isis Makes Faces

It's really hard to capture her expressions,
but Isis really does make some of the best faces.

Morgan Wouldn't Sit Still

And that was that.

And Emma Refuses the Paparazzi Altogether

The End.


Chris said...

It must be a black cat thing, because Chaos and May really make great faces, too.

sunneshine said...

Its great to see the cats back - in full personality!

Carrie K said...

It's cold. Hez is cuddly now too. Well, she's always pretty cuddly compared to Sheba.

I would have taken the handmade pledge but there's NO TIME! The holidays are upon us! Run!! Run!!

Andrée said...

So it's chilly enough for cuddling up. I love the series of trying to get Emma to pose. She even his in your hand! What a hoot. She sticks to her guns!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Emma's obviously camera shy! Lovely photos of your puddy tats. That Isis is rather a beautiful lady isn't she?

Good to see you back.

mrspao said...

I am completely and utterly in love with your cats!

Anonymous said...

Morgan looks a little unsure about cuddling up with Emma, very funny! I love how Emma avoids the paparazzi, even in your hand.

I am having a bit of a hard time writing this comment since I have my tortie Velcro here rubbing all over my hands as I type.

Glad you are back with COT. I have moved my cats to their own space (I think since I last "met" you at COT). They (all EIGHT of them now) are at www.catsunplugged.blogspot.com.

RheLynn said...

Ahh such pretty girl kitties!! :)

Joanie said...

What cute lovable cats. Enjoy them each and every day.

BlackCrow said...

I thought I was a lousy blogger...well I think we all know someone that is worse than us...Where is Severina?
Anyway Morgan looks so much like naughty Ned..I posted some pics up on my blog just now...maybe I could do a Cats on Tuesday thing too.
I too joined the Handmade Pledge just today.
Enjoyed the shearing story..boy that's a heap of wool from one sheep.
cheers big ears!