I Didn't Know Legos Could Knit

Just go take a look. Better to watch the video--super creepy and, as the designer says, mesmerizing.

Next time, I'll share with you Shannah Rocks! A very dear friend who is an excellent spinner and hand-dyer created a beautiful merino roving and named it after ME! (That's Shannah to rhyme with Donna, in case you were wondering.) Shannah Rocks. It's gorgeous, I just gotta get a photo so you can see it. How cool is that?


mrspao said...

How cool - roving fame :) pao wants to make me a swift out of Lego so I'm definitely not showing him the knitting machine!

KnitXcorE said...

glad to know mr. o is doing good..... i never got see friday night videos, but i would sneak some good ol' MTV at friend's houses. i wasn't allowed to watch MTV @ home. look at me now!!!!

pins&needles said...

OMG, that's crazy!