How Does One Get From Here to There?

Despite the fact that they are rather small, Icelandic sheep need to be sheared twice a year. Here Tyr had just enjoyed some fresh pumpkin.

YES! He IS too a sheep!

This wooly fluff-ball is all too happy to show off his five-months' growth of wool. (He's no idea what's about to hit him.)

Not to worry, I did have help.

He had quite an incredible beard, like some strange gnome.

It only took Sean two hours to remove nine pounds of wool with hand shears. (Did I say nine pounds? Yes, 9 lbs--4 kgs--and bear in mind that Tyr was just sheared in May.)

He got his feet trimmed while we were at it.

Look! We found a sheep underneath there. Now he gets a tasty treat of Nutri-Drench. Yummy! (Fortunately, he thinks it's yummy. First of all, it comes in a bottle, so it must be good. Secondly, it smells rather like spaghetti sauce, which holds some weird appeal.)

More fibery goodness--this in the form of a delightful package from Bellamoden: both hand-dyed yarn like her Fahrenheit 451 (I particularly love the literary title, as if the colors weren't enough to make me swoon) as well as beautiful rovings.

And as if that weren't enough to make me feel like a spoiled princess, needles galore! Miss Isis personally inspected every portion of the package with great attention. (Yarn was promptly removed from her kneading paws and wandering tongue, but she was much entertained by the little star that came out of bellamoden's hand-cut card.)

How cute...she huffs and snuffles the fiber just like I do...

Please note: No animals, fibers, or knitting notions were harmed during the filming or writing of this blog. What happens now is anyone's best guess...


mrspao said...

Tyr is a very cute sheep! I loved seeing the photos of you shearing them :)

Bellamoden is a very talented lady!

Puss-in-Boots said...

What a cute little sheep and he still looks pretty cute after being shorn. A fleece of five months weighing more than 9lbs...no wonder he needs shearing twice a year.

What a beautiful cat Isis is...and she sure looks pretty interested in all that lovely yarn.

It's good to see you blogging again. Take care.

bellamoden said...

Nine pounds in 5 months? Dude. I'm sure he felt a lot better!

And *blush* thank you! I'm so glad you liked your box!

Chris said...

I love the pictures of pre-shearing Tyr! And what lovely goodies from bellamoden!! Gorgeously colored yarn, indeed.

Mouse said...

Nine POUNDS of wool? (*drools*) I'm making a mental note right now that I need to get an Icelandic sheep when I start looking at fiber animals!!

Andrée said...

wow. It's amazing. I've wanted sheep, so now if I ever get some, I know what kind I want. But that is a lot of work, isn't it. The photos are so beautiful. Thank you for stopping by this week, too!