Sad Girl (CoT postponed)

Sorry, no Cats on Tuesday today. Our regularly neglected featured is being side-lined until I'm in a slightly better humour.

My dear and much-loved spouse (generally referred to herein as Mr. O'Kitten) is back in hospital as of yesterday. The girls are certain I've once again left him high and dry at the watering hole; Emma sits on his side of the bed, alternately staring at his pillow and glaring at me, extremely puzzled and thoroughly annoyed by his absence.

I'm generally having a rather hard time of it; hopefully spinning workshops later in the week with Spinning Spider Jenny will perk me up a bit. By the way--if any of y'all are in the mid-Michigan area, I think there's still some room left. And you should come, because it should be fun. Check out the workshop list:
Thursday Nov. 15 ... New Wave Fibers (i.e. soybean, corn, milk, nylon and mylar)
Friday Nov. 16 ... Thick, Medium and Thin - Spinning for a Specific Yarn
Saturday Nov. 17 ... Wheel Plying Techniques for Beautiful Yarns

Oh, as for the craft show...hardly anyone came on Saturday. But I hung out with some really nice people (and my mom, yay!) and got a lot of spinning done. Plus I have a lot of new things to put in the etsy shop -- if I can just motivate myself enough to take some pictures and get the stuff posted. With everyone seemingly getting into the holiday shopping mood, now's the time...even if I'm not in the mood myself.

Please send some healthy healing vibes our way--me and Mr. O'Kitten are in need of them again. Especially Mr. O'Kitten:

Mr. O'Kitten


Mouse said...

I think blogger is being a pain again.. because I can't see any of your photos. I'm definitely sending good vibes your way and I wish I were closer (distance wise) that I could be some assistance in real life. Hang in there.. we're all here for you!

Chris said...

Sending healing thoughts to Mr O'Kitten, and cheering thoughts to you!

Barbara-Kay said...

Healing thoughts and best wishes for Mr. O'Kitten. Is he in St. Lawrence or Sparrow?

When our firstborn was in MSU, she ended up in Sparrow ER for a severe bladder infection. They asked "Have you ever been a patient here before?"
"Oh, yes" she answered. "When was that?" "I was born here" she replied. They somehow didn't think that counted! VBG! Me, I thought she should get "partial credit", since she really was a Louisiana girl, going to college in E Lansing.

Joanie & Uncle Arthur said...

We love you both. Our thoughts and prayers are with you both.


*hugs* to the both of you. My thoughts are definitely with you. Even if I haven't been around much as of late, you know that if you should need something you can ask.

mrspao said...

Big hugs to all of you. Hope Mr O'Kitten is on the mend and that you are coping ok.

jessie said...

Best wishes to Mr. O'Kitten.

Regarding an old post of yours (as I am in catch-up mode), I may try your no-washing-face trick. I learned a couple of years ago that my very thick, curly hair was getting destroyed by shampoo, and now I don't use any. Great scalp, much softer hair. Who knew?

Alison said...

I'm thinking of you both, and sending healing vibes across the pond to you both. I hope Mr O'kitten feels better soon

Elizabeth said...

Sending healing vibes to the Mr. and feel good ones to you and the felines.
All that spinning should be a lively distraction.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Oh no, O'K...that's awful news. Healing vibes and plenty of them coming his way. I do hope he's back home soon and then Emma will have no need to glare at you anymore.

All the best for both of you.

Hugs xoxo

K8 said...

Sending good thoughts your way

KnitXcorE said...

AWWWWWWWW!!!!!! ((((((hugs)))))
hopefully, your spinning adventures will brighten things up. if not i could always toss some bagels into the mailbox ;-)

Andrée said...

My prayers are with you. I hope that by now (Thursday night) you know more about how well he is doing. It's very stressful and scary.

pins&needles said...

I really hope that he'll get better soon.

BlackCrow said...

Sending healing vibes from way down under to you and Mr. O'Kitten. Sincerely hope he's on the mend real soon.
thanks too for your purrs around my leg :)

Carrie K said...

Oh no! I hope things are better for Mr O'Kitten (and you) but I'm late checking in and it's been awhile........sending good wishes/prayers/vibes/whatever works your way.

Kat with a K said...

I had such a great time on Saturday - I hope all is well at your home!! It was so awesome meeting you!! And, thanks so much for the roving - wow, that is some nice fiber!! Very nice!

Stay in touch!!

spider said...

Dear Kitten,
I miss you already! Feel like I've known you a long, long time. Maybe I have. Know that soothing, healing vibes are being sent express-mail-from-Vermont-daily to you and Mr. O'Kitten.
Hugs, Jenny