Fall Cleaning

Yes, it's Obsidian Kitten. If you haven't been with me for awhile, you may well be wondering what obsidian actually is. I once attempted to explain, with many pictures, here.

I lost a bit of my excitement about Ravelry when I realized I needed to upload all my photos to Flickr. Yes, I have a Flickr account. No, there is nothing in it. Yet.

For those of you who were sweet enough to make the lonely okitten your friend on Ravelry, I thank you--a bunch. Because now I have some Ravelry friends and I feel like one of the cool kids. Very soon I'll be able to move that silly list of FO's cluttering up my sidebar over there to Ravelry...as soon as I put the pics in Flickr. Feh.

Instead of playing with Ravelry today, I engaged in some fall housecleaning. I did laundry (even sheets and bathmat) and ran around the house with big black trash bags throwing things out. Even bedroom closets and under the bed. You know, worn out clothes and pants X sizes too big and thrift store shoes I never wore. I even hit the basement and cleaned the litter boxes. I actually had to run to the grocery store for more trash bags. It was that kind of a fit.

Emma always likes to help with the laundry.

And guess what? I have 100 hearts on etsy -- kind of a nice landmark to hit...it means that 100 etsians have bookmarked obsidiankitten.etsy.com. I haven't had many sales lately, but neither have I added anything new to the shop in awhile. If I could just get myself together enough to get my camera out, I do have a lot of new things to add, especially since I didn't really sell anything at the craft sale the other weekend. Things (including a funny holiday tree) kind of like this:

By the way, I've been talking to Mr. O'Kitten every day and he is sounding a bit better with each day that passes. Thanks to all of y'all for your many well-wishes and good healing energy. It must be working, so please keep it coming.

Now I must to bed because tomorrow I'll be at the Spinning Loft enjoying the company of my dear Beth and attending to (hopefully) some holiday shoppers. Plus--there'll be spinning. And thank goodness for that.


Mouse said...

ooh.. 100 hearts? awesome! I just started re-stocking my shop for holiday shoppers..

sunneshine said...

The holiday season is just beginning! I can't wait to see what you add to etsy... And 100 hearts is wonderful - I always like looking to see how many hearts are there!!

Lots of good wishes to you and Mr.O'Kitten!!

Chris said...

Hey, if you contact Casey/Jess on Ravelry, you might be able to get the image slurper added to your account. I got in on that, because I wasn't going to bother copying my pictures to flickr when I'm already hosting them myself. Basically, you provide a URL and it "slurps" in the picture.

mrspao said...

I don't have many photos up on Flickr yet - just lots of things I fancy knitting :)

I'm so glad to hear that Mr O'Kitten is a little better - hope that he is feeling much much better soon.

Laura said...

Here's to happier holidays ahead for you and Mr. O!

I am proud to say that I am one of your 100 hearts on etsy. And you totally kick my butt in terms of number of items . . . I think my shop has 6 things in it, and I don't have a big ol' stash of stuff to add to it either. Somehow working and buying more sheep has had a negative impact on my crafting. Still, you can check me out at www.quesocabeza.etsy.com if you want.

You are so much cooler than me!

Warm fleecey hugs all around. :-)

Carrie K said...

Glad to hear about Mr O'Kitten and the 100 hearts!

Laundry and fall-cleaning are lovely pursuits. For some reason, more effective than knitting sometimes.