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See, I really am family-friendly.

Hey, I try to keep it clean. My mom reads it, you know. And my mother-in-law. And various other family members and sometimes even my 89-year-old grandma. But just in case you were wondering, we're all G-rated around here.

All the dirty stuff is in the etsy shop, hehheh. And that's mostly Mr. O'Kitten's fault. (Well, okay, not entirely.)

Pepper's Progress

Since my last report, Pepper has done really well. She's gone for several walks and behaved extremely well, had her nails trimmed, and been in and out of the trailer several times with a minimum of drama. She even seems to like being brushed.

So tomorrow evening we report to the Michigan State University Pavilion and our weekend begins. Pepper will be shown sometime between 8:30 and 2:30 on Saturday in the Medium Wool Female class.

In the afternoon Lacey is actually going to do the Obstacle Course with Sean, who trained her when he was her 4-H handler and she was just a young'un.

It all promises to be an adventure...and I assure you we'll get lots of pictures and I'll keep you posted!


ros said...

oooh, sounds exciting. good luck to pepper and lacey and i hope you guys have a wonderful time at the show! i wish i was in michigan -- i'd finally get to see your beauties in person!

woolies said...

Pepper is so adorable, I just might
have to knit one. check back to my etsy shop (woolies.etsy) in a couple of weeks.....
good luck this weekend - what fun!!

RheLynn said...

With her nails trimmed it sounds like you've got the hardest and most uncomfortable part done for her - and the brushing can be done in bits and pieces. Good luck at the Fair!

Carrie K said...

Good luck to Pepper and Lacey!

Obsidian Kitten said...

Thanks so much, y'all! I'm really excited!