In Which Pepper Doesn't Get Groomed

That Pepper--well, she's something else. After we groomed and trimmed Lacey's nails today, it was Pepper's turn and darned if she didn't hop right out of the chute and take off.

My dad lost his grip on her lead rope when he lost his shoe in the weeds (yes, it was pretty funny) but fortunately Pepper stopped at the corner of the pasture fence and he caught up with her.

You can't tug, drag, cajole, coax, or budge a willful 200-lb llama (worse than a mule, lemme tell ya) so it took bringing her mamma Lacey out of the barn to get Pepper to head back to where she was supposed to be, and we gave up on the grooming for the day.

When we're trying to get her to do something she doesn't want to--like get in the chute or the horse trailer--she also does this thing where she'll droop her long neck over and lay her head on the ground (possibly accompanied by a little bit of sad llama-humming) as if she's just broken down where she stands.

Some drama queen, this one--she's so smart that I can see her performing this bit of dramatic acting in the ring and judges and on-lookers alike wondering what sort of abuse we've inflicted on the poor thing!


Puss-in-Boots said...

She's not silly, is she. I laughed at the picture you painted of her drooping her head and looking pathetic...she is a drama queen, isn't she?

You never know, if she's such a drama queen and loves attention, she might thrive in the show arena. Hope it all goes well.

Chris said...

You meanies!! :)

historicstitcher said...

Yeah - you're just _saying_ you don't beat her! I'm sure she's quite underfed and misused!


I'm really enjoying your updates lately! I can't wait to see how they do at show.

Joanie said...

Just another day of life on the farm. Boy oh boy my days are so much different--LOL
It's my cat that gives me the hard time..haha
Enjoy this wonderful day.
Love to you and hubby.

Anonymous said...

A llama-drama-queen. Just what I would need with two drama-queen daughters and eight cats! She's beautiful though (and I'll bet she knows it).

Beth said...

Now what? how are you going to get her ready? Crazy Llama!
Can't wait to see the show results.

Gattina said...

I well recognize "my" little Pepper's character ! (she is like me !) What a beautiful big girl she has become !