24 = Number of hours it took for them to move from the basement into the house.

2 = Number of human suckers in household.

5 = Current feline population in household.

2.5:1 = Ratio of four-footed to two-legged members of household.

[Suckers, I tell you. We're both complete suckers. But could you resist these faces?]

In retrospect, I realize I should've specifed that we wanted old, unfriendly, snaggled-toothed, badly socialized, and very, very ugly cats. (Of course, I had one of those--well, all except for the ugly part--and I loved him dearly, too.) Anyway, it's too late now...

0.9 = Number of socks completed with this lovely hand-painted merino-tencel yarn I got from my dear friend Rosalynn who recently opened an Etsy shop called Yarnlust.

12 = Number of sinful items (full disclosure: including one of mine) in this collection she curated. (Up thru Saturday a.m.)

1 = Number of my cards featured on etsygreetings.com!

13 = Number of guineas (birds, not pigs) recently released from the henhouse into the pasture...

3 = Number of llamas shown here. Just three among many of the ever-increasing, mainly farm- and fiber-related reasons I can't seem to find the time to blog lately.

10 1/2 = Number of months old Pepper is. Can you believe it? Today the vet gave her a clean bill of health and (guess)estimated she must weigh about 200 lbs (90 kg)! Wow.

And she's going to be in her first show next weekend -- the Michigan Lamafest. Go Pepper!


RheLynn said...

Good luck for Pepper in her first show! Llama Wishes! Those kitten boys are going to be heartbreakers ;) And I really like that color combination in yarn too, like a summer frog pond :)

rosalynn said...

well... if you ever feel the need to get rid of your new cuties b/c you're tired of being a sucker, you can send them here ;)

i love the way your sock is working up (and great job on the light box)! can't wait to see a finished pair.

Chris said...

Hmm, maybe it's time to look for shy kitties who really prefer to be outside and away from humans... These two are way too cute!!

Congrats on your card being featured!

meeyauw said...


Kittehs win again!

You are a busy lady and live a wonderful life. You're so creative. Best of luck this weekend! Let us know asap when you get back.

No. Take puter with you and tell us from there.

bellamoden said...

Kittens! *thud*

What was that? Cruel of you ;)

Please email me!

Joanie said...

Well it is no surprise to me that the two new kittens are living in your house. I knew it from the start that they would not be farm cats. They are so lucky you both brought them home. I hope all your precious babies are getting along.
Good luck to pepper this weekend.
Take lots of pictures and e mail them to us.
Enjoy the rest of the week.
Love and a big hug

Jenn said...

Maybe you could let them be indoor/outdoor cats. They are young enough to be good mousers. If you get them the Pro-spot or Vantage stuff, you should be fine. They they won't bring in fleas or ticks.

Barbara-Kay said...

Oh, yeah! I was cheering for the kittens! Glad to hear they've found a place in your heart and near your hearth.

We all have watched Pepper grow into quite the young lady. I'm sure she will be well received!

Rachel said...

How could you refuse those faces for so long?

Obsidian Kitten said...

dern infernal kittens and their infernal kittenish cuteness. curses!

but they could be cold-blooded killers, let me tell ya! lol

that is, if mr. o'kitten will ever let them out of the house...

Gattina said...

I knew it ! I knew it ! That you couldn't leave these adorable creatures in the basement lol ! But they can still become very good mouse hunters if you let them out. I think Rosie would become a good one, but so far she hasn't met any. Yesterday we tried to learn her how to use the cat flap, she slowly discovers the garden that's so funny to see ! And (my) little Pepper will be 1 year old in October I always remember the pictures about her birth, it was shortly before I made my round trip to Turkey ! She really has become a beautiful lady now !

Carrie K said...

Ha! But honestly did you really think your chances of Barn Cats was that good? Oh, denial....;)

Look at those darling kitty faces! I'm trying to wrangle my I Want To Be Outdoors cat inside right now.

Marion said...

Those kittens are cute! I love them.

How did Pepper do in his first show?


Cutey kitty smushies!!! They are so adorable. I have to live vicariously through you and all of your animals. We already have too many critters. :D