Chicks and More Chicks

It's been a busy two days. My dad built a pen for the guineas so that we could relocate them from the hen house to the barn (it's really nice having a dad around to do these kinds of things) so tonight we moved the guineas out to their new home. At only two months of age, they're surprisingly big, surprisingly noisy, very fast, and quite strong.

The llamas and the sheep are going to be quite surprised by their new (and extremely vocal) neighbors.

Now Buffy and her 13 very large adopted children can be moved from the brooder shed into freshly cleaned quarters in the hen house. Goldie and her eight offspring are already integrated into the flock, and a couple of them are starting to test out their crowing abilities.

Meanwhile, right behind me, Eggsperiment #4 is coming to fruition with six freshly hatched chicks, stumbling around drunkenly and peeping up a storm. I gave eight of the incubator eggs to a particularly broody golden wyandotte this morning; we'll see how that goes--I figured having 20-some hatch in the incubator was more than plenty as it already seemed pretty full with just 13 hatchlings in June.

Pictures to come!


RheLynn said...

Awww baby chicks! I can bet Buffy and her kids are quite a sight wandering around together, as well.

We have guineas at the market every week - and they are very loud indeed. Kelba, our coonhound, is about the only thing louder ;)

jessie said...

Can't wait to see how all the chicks do!

Puss-in-Boots said...

My, my, all those babies! You sure are going to be a busy mama this year...lol!

roxtarchic said...

are guineas pigs? or chickens? i'm sooooo confused (as long as they're not turkey's we're good)! hahah