Emma Says

Emma says I must tell you she is a tortoiseshell cat, making her far more special (and beautiful) than some clumsy kitten with extra toes. She prides herself on being a blonde, brunette, and a redhead without a single white or grey hair (unlike Grey Cat and Morgan who are, alas, entirely grey, poor things).

She also insists I post this photo, so that you may see that she is indeed the queen of the household, keeping the younglings in check. (Emma, I oblige you, and assure you no one will comment on your...well, frankly, it's not the most flattering angle, and I'll tell them--as I told the vet when he commented on your weight--that we don't use the "O" word in our house.)


Chris said...

Ah, but Emma seems to be a "dilute" tortoiseshell... Hmm. How does that affect her status?

RheLynn said...

Ahh, but those are that grey will never 'go grey' - they are immune! Watch out Emma, it can happen to you! :o) Hmm... Emma and Willow have very similar shapes... Emma needs to play with you more, that's it!

BlackCrow said...

wow so your kitten probably is related to one of Ernest hemmingway's!

I do like your cat pics...My BF would like to have at least 4 more cats, we only have the one..but she is a big one.

Did you read my post explaining what a rollmop is?

Its a pickled fish wrapped around a gherkin....mmmmm yum!

Anonymous said...

The apple washcloth can be found at:


It is in the "dishcloth" area. I think you might find a skull and crossbones pattern there too.

Carrie K said...

Of course Emma is the queen. I love the last posts pix, especially the sneaky slit one eye watching you....

Glaistig said...

Tortie kitties are so special! I think that Emma has the bearing of Queen Victoria -- dignified, regal and, err, stout. :)

Randall Flagg said...

Emma is the most specialist cat in the world and she Regina Aeterna. She watches over me and she sleeps with me and nurses me when I'm sick. I love Emma!

Elizabeth said...

It's funny how cats everywhere strike the same poses. I can find identical ones to yours of my own cats. I even have the one who stays asleep and the one who wakes up for the photo shoot.

My oldest still wants NOTHING to do with those kittens and is spending a lot of time outside.
My grey is the one who is a little hefty. The better to snuggle up with, according to the kittens.
I have to find the "Get Over Yourself" Book. What a great title.

secret demented pally said...

Emma got back!

What vile package slouches its way towards Michigan?
One quite possibly crammed with:
One "I (heart) Stevie Nicks" T-shirt.
Three socks, random selection.
A metal part from the back of the junk drawer in the kitchen. It came off something so it must go back onto something.
Giant Red Heart Supersaver Grab Bag! Discontinued colors! Woo-hoo!

Can't wait, can you? I'm all a-flutter!

Obsidian Kitten said...

oh man, i wondered where that metal part got off to! SP, you're a lifesaver!

Anonymous said...

I love her. I have a tortie that looks similar to Emma named Pixie. She is the queen of the household too and gives Baby, my gray kitty a hard time.