Let the Games Begin

I got a present from my SP--yes, already! Aren't you jealous?

Well, it is one that you too may partake of. And I highly recommend it, because it is exactly what this wacky worldwide web is so perfectly designed for...a kooky cat picture, and dozens of web denizens musing upon its significance. Ah, yes, my dears!

This is well worth a visit (and the commentary is no little waste of time, either). Go here for a few minutes (or more) of sheer interweb zaniness. The pure, unadulterated joy of it truly brightened an otherwise gloomy, rainy, dreary day here in my Michigan mitten, and yes, coffee very nearly squirted out of my nose.

By the way, does anyone know who--or what--crashed Photobucket? My cup runneth dry!


Mouse said...

something crashed photobucket? ghads.. I don't know but it was my only line of defense against Bloggers photo-stupidity.
as for the cat.. ROFLMAO- I'm so glad I wasn't drinking anything at the time.

Severina said...

Mmmmmm, bacon. Even makes kitty-cats taste good!

When Blogger hates me I use Picasa but it kinda sucks. I used Photobucket on my long-ago abandoned LiveJournal but it ate all two of my pics. Feh.

Chris said...

Bacon on the cat - too funny. Including all the posts post-bacon on the cat... Heh.

Um, sorry, no clue Photobucket - but it sounds like a bummer.

KnitXcorE said...

omg! that is funny :-)

msfortuknit said...

i miss you write me and lets write! hahaha
Missin you so badly!
Sev and Rach are somewhere!??
gosh! Ok ciao