When the Kitten Was Away

Okay, so I was only away for a few days, but I haven't posted for two weeks. "What's up with that?" you may be asking. "Where's she been?" Well, I had to take a week off for PMS. Yes, a week. (Mr. O'K fondly calls me Our Lady of Perpetual PMS.) My main symptom is extreme fatigue. How silly is that? And this is the midst of pretty much everything in the garden ripening simultaneously (zucchini, onions, beans, peas, tomatoes, cantalopes, corn, watermelon, cucumbers, as well as several apple trees...)

Anyway, so much for the aspiring farmess. Plants and animals don't much seem to care what part of your cycle you're in. Case in point...

This is how "King of the Mountain" fights begin.
At least they're putting the new cat tree to good use.

Hey, you're asking for a smackdown!

Well, I have more toes! I'll poke your eye out!

Thinking of going somewhere? I'm not done with you yet, sister!

Finally, on the needles: Razor Cami. Turns out those two balls of that chocolatey Millefili Fine won't be enough--drat! But at Lamafest this weekend I found a skein of beautiful Fleece Artist merino that I think (cross fingers and needles) will work. [After an extensive net search, I gave up hope of finding more Millefili.]

So at least I've gotten some knitting done. This will be my first wearable project--aside from hats, scarves, and wristwarmers--so I just pray I like the switch from chocolate cotton to variagated...if not, I know some kittens who are just dying to frog it for me.


Obsidian Kitten said...

I forgot to mention: Shoofly Pie is a Pennsylvania Dutch thing--molasses pie! mmmm...gooey molasses with crumbs on top. It's fabulous.

So funny that so many of us have grey cats! Someone mentioned "talkative"--Grey Cat is extremely vocal, and a lot of ppl I know with grey cats say the same thing about theirs. Weird, huh?

Even since Grey lost his hearing (he's 16 now), he still fusses at us all the time. He has a really low (but generally loud!) voice, and sometimes I swear he's muttering rude things at me under his breath...

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm...shoofly pie. That's a favorite in our house.

Your kitties are a hoot!

Love the color on the cami.

RheLynn said...

So glad you are back! Sorry it had to be that you were feeling awful :o( I've been adding things to your box - and found the alien (he went AWOL there for most of August - found him hiding in the supply shelf!) You're really coming along great with the chocolate cami - beautiful pattern there!

Morgan and Isis are really growing up! You caught some great pics there ;o)

Carrie K said...

Nice pillow you're knitting there! Both Hez & Sheba are gray cats, both talky, but Hez is very soft spoken.

Cat fight! Cool!

Too bad about not finding any Milllefili but at least you found a sub.

Chris said...

Oh, love the kitten WWF there!

I can so relate on the PMS - altho hopefully some was pre and some was post and not all of it was pre?!

Chaos (definitely not grey) is VERY vocal.

msfortuknit said...

Das' pritty Kitty!

jessica~ said...

Extremem fatigue is not silly, I get it too and it's frustrating! Love the color of your razor cami!

Those kitty pic's are too funny! I'm purchasing a cat tree soon and expect the same behaviour.