3 More Reasons I Can't Knit

Or, More Superfluous Cat Pics
As soon as I get comfortable, so does the pack of animals.
This one may appear to be sleeping, but as soon as yarn or needles move,
it will awaken with a vengeance.

I've never had a polydactyl cat before. Yes, Isis has six toes on each front paw. Can you see how huge these mitts are? And six paw pads with six fully-formed front claws, perfect for swiping yarn and grabbing needles. I believe that cats have a secret plan to evolve opposable thumbs.

Sometimes they do sleep...

...but whenever Morgan notices I'm there, she stretches into this funny shape and starts purring like a lunatic. So most of the pics look like the above.

Once in a while I catch them unaware and then...

...Morgan remains unconscious, Isis snaps to attention and looks pretty irked.
Meanwhile, in other regions of the household...

Emma remains unimpressed with any kitten cutesiness.

Cute? You call that cute? I've got cute to spare.

Those bratty young upstarts have nothing on me. I am and shall always remain queen of the realm. Harrumph!


Chris said...

I LOVE that last picture of Emma - show us your fangs, baby! :)

RheLynn said...

Emma really is pretty - with those black 'smoked' areas! I love it how Morgan clowns for you when she sees you near - she really loves you :o) And hehe... they make Purrrfect pictures of kittenish behaviour.

So, when does Isis learn to knit and put those 'thumbs' to good use? Huh? ;o)

Glaistig said...

I love these pictures!! I can never seem to take good ones of my 2 cats when they're doing something priceless. You must share your cat-snapping skills!

(I also now want a polydactyl cat, which I imagine are hard to come by, so thanks alot. . . )

msfortuknit said...

See there that kat has shown its true face! It wouldve done that on site to me!

'Tart said...

Reese my Siamese had plunked himself right on me when I should have been sleeping and instead decided to cross stitch for two seconds. He's kind of a newbie to us, so I was not expecting it when he lunged for my thread as I tried to sew. Even tho it scared me for a sec, and twisted the thread into a big ugly knot I was proud that he's got kitty skills. For that matter, Husband and I were actually more thrilled than horrified when Reese killed a bird in the house, pretty much for the same reason. He is declawed, but he's all kitty. :)