KIP: Knitting in Public, and Gratuitous Cat Belly

Knitting in Public

I mentioned that I met someone with whom to knit. We got together again this week, and she'd finished the project she started when last we met. It's a lace soap sack, done up in some lovely Caron's cotton. The color is a nearly edible orange sherbert shade.

Above, the yarn she's about to cast on for a facecloth to coordinate with the soap sack. I kept working on my monster hats. Nothing like going round and round in stockinette. This one uses more of my favorites from Yarn Lust: her BFL held together with her merino-tencel or with KPPPM. Mmm--yummy. Now I have three hats ready for monsterizing, meaning that they still need their ears, eyes, and mouths. I also have two bunny hats that just want some ears.

Now for Something Completely Different

Isis shows off her voluptuous belly, marked, as it is, with a white "V" for Voluptuous. Or for Vendetta. Or Victory. Or something.

A lot of cats don't like to have their bellies rubbed, but Isis and Emma both enjoy it, and Morgan will even roll on her back and let you sneak in a belly rub or two before jumping up and darting away. I always say the belly is my favorite part of the cat. Of course, I like the velvety paws a lot, too. And the nose. But the belly is a very good part of the cat.

Here Isis continues to mug for the camera; as you can see, she's quite the ham. Meanwhile, I can barely get Emma to look at the camera, and Morgan will scarcely stop moving long enough for me to get her picture.

Isis: Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.
Morgan: Actually, I was just thinking that you're a huge ham.
Emphasis on huge. So there, you big ham.


Chris said...

V is for... um, vikini? Similar to bikini but not? ;)

meemsnyc said...

Those look like fun knitting projects.

Beth said...

Knitting in public? Sounds like some kind of coming out of the closet type thing. :) Love your colors.

Hey! My black kitty has a white patch there too. Also in arm pits and a tad on the chest. Maybe his is the male version? Hmm, wonder about the genetics of that--how common is it...

Anonymous said...

Our cat,Otto, also likes his belly rubbed and his coat is as soft as a bunny.
Hubby and I can do anything to Otto, but my last cat had many rules and regulations to follow. Forget about the belly rub she would fight you all the way.
We are lucky as Otto gives us lots of love each and every day.

Enjoy your day

Laura said...

KIP has invited many lively conversations with strangers. You never know what kind of adventure it will bring.

My favorite recently was when my bil was disgusted by the extra attention I got from the nurses for knitting while my fil was in hospital. HA! Don't hate me because I'm cool enough to KIP.

KJ said...

BELLY! My cat does that in front of the door when I am trying to get into the bathroom to go!

He is always like "LOOKIT ME!"


Obsidian Kitten said...

LOOKIT ME! hehheh

cat bellies totally rule!

Cliff and Olivia said...

We love belly rubs! And Olivia got the white patch too. We call it her bikini bottoms...