It's a Pretty Big Apple

In case you didn't know, New York City is more than just Manhattan. It's a city of about 8,275,000 people distributed throughout five boroughs whose individual populations (according to 2007 Census numbers) are:
Manhattan - 1.621 million
Brooklyn - 2.528 million
Queens - 2.270 million
Bronx - 1.374 million
Staten Island - 481,613

And here's a really cool map by Very Small Array [go there for more highly entertaining maps and charts--seriously, go now] showing which U.S. states have populations similar to those of each NYC's boroughs.

Well, Mr. O'Kitten always said he wanted to live in New Mexico.


Chris said...

Dang, there are only between 4 and 5 million people in the state of MN... Thanks for the link to A Very Small Array - great blog!

Puss-in-Boots said...

D'you know...that's just under half the population for the whole of Australia. And I think Brisbane is crowded...