Water Just Like Mom Used to Serve

Many consider the real secret behind New York pizza and bagels to be our water--and New York City water, to the surprise of many non-NYers, is some of the cleanest drinking water around.

And now something new has hit the fridges in our local delis...

Yep, you got it. According to Tap'dNY, it's local, it's honest, and it's "Water Just Like Mom Used to Serve."

"Refills Available at Any New York City Tap."


Carrie K said...

Why are they bottling tap water? Although that's what some bottled water is anyway.

There's an interesting debate about it in the recent Berkeley Science Cafe blog.

OTOH, very cool packaging....

Anonymous said...

OMG...I never saw that. Where did you find that???

Wow and we can get it for free...
well almost free...

Happy Sunday

Obsidian Kitten said...

i think part of it IS pointing out that a certain amount of bottled water IS tap water. i think it also appeals to the whole "buy local" thing--and if you have clean, good-tasting tap water, why not? (their website does add that it's *purified* -- whatever that means)

with so many NYers on the run without even a car to stash a bottle of water in, i can actually see people reaching for this. especially with such sleek packaging!

And this from the Berkeley Science Cafe Carrie mentioned:

"$6 a gallon. That's not the cost of gas, but the cost per gallon when you buy a 20 oz bottled water at the store. Last year alone, Americans chugged 8 billion gallons of bottled water and that number continues to rise. We're constantly inundated with hundreds of water choices: artesian water from Fiji, vapor distilled with added electrolytes, spring water from the top of Mt. Shasta, carbon-neutral mineral water from Scotland, and of course good ol' tap water."

If you haven't read up on how much it costs us (and our environment) to make all those plastic bottles and how fast they're filling our landfills:

Kinda makes ya think. And here I was refilling plastic bottles from my tap just because water I'm cheap.

Chris said...

Talk about truth in advertising!