My annual winter malaise seems to be drawing to a close. If I could simply hibernate for most of November and December, life would be so much easier.

In any event, this winter I did manage to get out of bed on most of the shortest, dreariest days. Whether it was the B12 shots the doc said I needed, the fish oil capsules and multivitamin she told me to start taking, or simply the excitement of being back in the city, I got through it. Now the days are getting longer and I'm already beginning to perk up.

And I met someone to knit with. This isn't us, but I like the photo.

We got together earlier this week in the local Star*uck's and had a lovely time. She was working on some new lace; I cast on a white chenille hat. I want to make some new bunny-eared hats for Easter. There's a cute free pattern here if you want to make some, too.


Mouse said...

Man.. I hear you about hibernating-- Sign me up! While I hate the heat worse than I hate being cold... I don't think I'll be sorry to see this winter weather leave this year. Would figure that Georgia's "coldest winter in a decade" would be the one where I'm in an unheated house!!
I have 'seasonal disorder' (among other issues) also and for me it was worse this year than any other -- I think its because the house we're currently living in is old and has dark paneled walls & drafty windows which need thick curtains to keep the cold out. Our old house had 15 foot ceilings, white walls and light carpeting and an open floor plan -- I guess I didn't feel so "caged in" there.

Carrie K said...

That's such a cute hat!

I dread the long days. Everyone expects you to be so *productive*. Bleargh.

meemsnyc said...

Hibernating would be great!

Anonymous said...

Spring is around the corner. Two more month!!! Yes each day the sun goes to bed a little later.
Enjoy each and every day.

Obsidian Kitten said...

I hate the heat more than the cold, too -- I think it's the short days that get to me. The house we were staying in back in Michigan had tan panelling (whoever thought that was a good idea?) and low ceilings, as opposed to the apartment here with much bigger windows and high ceilings. I think that helps a lot.

Winter just gets to me every year. I guess it's seasonal affect like you said--it seems to really trigger the low end of my bipolar. It's been good being able to walk to work--at least I get a few minutes of daylight that way if I'm working daytime hours.

Hibernators unite!

Chris said...

B12 shots are da bomb! I started them, um, 4 years ago or so, in January. So. Much. Better.

I am so ready for longer days, too.

RheLynn said...

Most of you are North of me, but we're cowering in the cold aftermath of that ice storm. Luckily we have power again though :) Cute hats and cats in your recent posts!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Shannah! I just wanted to report that I knit my first 3" if horribly ugly scarf this weekend. My friend's mom, Jane Prater, was in town from NC, and she led a little class for us newbies. I was so excited to finally know what you and Franklin Habit (two of my favorite bloggers) are always going on about! It's very Zen, even with the gaping holes and cussing. --Ashley

Obsidian Kitten said...

Yay Ashley! That's awesome! Knitting IS very Zen (even with the holes and cussing). When you make holes on purpose it's lace knitting, hehheh!

It took me awhile before I could knit (and eventually purl) while I watched tv or carried on a conversation, but it will happen--and sooner than you know it.

Keep at it--a scarf is a *long* first project and don't worry if you don't feel like being momogamous about it. You can always throw in a hat (just a bit of scarf seamed into a hat-shape) or a wristwarmer (a short bit of scarf seamed into a tube) or a warshrag (a square bit of scarf) if you get bored. Keep us posted!