House-Panther Enrichment

The other evening I was watching Animal Planet with my three house panthers, and we became intrigued by a program about big zoo cats. There was a great deal of talk among the zoo experts about the importance of keeping the large felines intellectually stimulated by means of what they referred to as "enrichment." This took many forms, including bowling balls, hay, and other toys rolled in rhino urine (apparently a favourite scent); battable, shredable cardboard boxes and tubes; and tasty meat popsicle treats. It appeared that the key to enrichment was variety.

I took a quick look at our own house panthers' few toys and decided it was time for a little enrichment. I ordered a Kitty Toy Gift Pack (a real bargain, I might add), from etsy's tigerfeather and it arrived today. Then enrichment was had by all.

Kitty Feather Teaser and Threadless (yep, threadless!) Catnip Pillow (Emma's favourite).

Threadless Catnip Mouse (the blue thing in Morgan's paw) and pink Catnip Puff.



Emma couldn't get enough of the Catnip Pillow.

I can't...

...get enough...

...of this thing... *maul maul maul*

Isis plus feathers.

And then everyone needed a nice, long nap.



meemsnyc said...

It looks like you all had a lot of fun.

Gattina said...

Welcome back !
Looks as they had a lot of fun ! Arthur who behaved like an old grandpa is now a young man again since Rosie chases him around and he her, lol ! Rosie only loves one kind of toy mice which she carries around the house and hides it sometimes in our shoes or slippers. I find these little mice everywhere ! Once even on a plate !

Chris said...

Totally a hit! I love how wide Isis's eyes got.

uhles said...

Were they also soaked in rhino urine?

Elizabeth said...

I am reading a fascinating book called Animals In Translation and one chapter stated that a pet (or any animal really) will choose a new sub-standard toy even if the old ones they have are superior in every way.
Kinda explains human shopping addiction too, doesn't it? We are all hard wired that way, I guess.

mrspao said...

Aww they look so happy!!

Obsidian Kitten said...

I didn't have any rhinos handy so I had to substitute for the rhino urine...do you think they noticed?

Obsidian Kitten said...

elizabeth makes an interesting point -- we must be wired for novelty. that might explain why women in the store where i work will buy stuff off the super-sale rack even if they don't really like it or it doesn't fit quite right! lol