Viva La Knit!

Sunne asked the PRGE-mini participants to muse upon the topic "Why Knitting Makes You Punk." I had so much fun with this (and realize I haven't posted in awhile due to a stomach bug and general laziness) that I take the liberty of reposting my thoughts here.

Why does knitting make me punk?

I make things (some of which I can actually wear on my person) with bits of string and pointy sticks. Note that said sticks can be used as weapons if, say, someone tries to accost me while on the subway. Or so I like to fantasize. (Frankly, I'd rather poke them in the eye with a molten hot glue gun, but there's nowhere to plug in a glue gun on the subway.)

And I can make things like this with aforementioned bits of string and pointy sticks:

Not to mention, it really doesn't require much skill to knit something basic, like a scarf or a hat. This is the first yarn I ever spun and my first-ever knitting. I still wear both this scarf and this hat.

You can take an image you like, chart it, and then knit it, like Ignignokt. (Chart here.)

Or, you can take a pattern and make your own thing out of it. This is the S'n'B Alien Illusion Scarf with a sort of Alien Armada thing (chart here) going on in the middle.

This is another pattern I re-worked: Laced Insanity Shrug

Kittyville Hat and Kittyvillesque Wristwarmers I made to match

Skully Wristwarmer, as modelled by Isis on the Snowball Cat Bed

Pippi Kneestockings (a.k.a. my Irish Nacho Socks)

Woo-hoo for skulls...and free patterns like this skully washcloth from BlackRayne. I love that so many people post their awesome patterns online for anyone to use...if that's not punk in the true Anarchist Cookbook sense of punk, I don't know what is.

Viva La Knit!

P.S. One more little fetish from me.


Chris said...

I hope you're feeling better now!

Mouse said...

the tagline of your treasury made me snort my morning coffee.

Steven U said...

To paraphrase the Minutemen, to knit (it would seem. I do not presume to speak from experience) is to jam econo.

pins&needles said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks of ways to attack someone using their craft.

Isis is the cutest thing ever!

Carrie K said...

Don't say attack with needles!!!! No, let them think we're all placid simpering dimwits. If I can't take a knitting needles on a plane again........

I am so knitting Pirate Skull dishcloths for Christmas this year.

Puss-in-Boots said...

I hope you're over your bug now.

I used to be a punk, but I'm not any more. The last thing I knitted was a cardigan for my granddaughter about 10 years ago. Maybe I should start again...

che said...

Isnt she such a honey!! I think you have good answers princess o'kit!
Thanks by the way for the sweet I love you I heart you back!
PS I have the same muffins (slippers) as you!