Working is for Chumps

I've been a lousy blogger lately. (My apologies, but I've actually been busy, which is relatively unheard of.) This isn't even going to be a real post, but more of a list. I stole the title from one of my favorite etsians, Sparkle-Rama, whose shop I visit when I need a giggle.

This is a list of jobs I've had/places I've worked. It'd actually make a pretty interesting meme, so if you want to post your own list, please do, and send me a comment so I know to check it out!

I've limited the list to things I've actually been paid to do. (If I listed all the stuff I 've done for free...well, we'd be here all night.)

~ picture frame shop
~ house cleaner/Master's Week maid (I grew up in Augusta, GA, so this was a good gig)
~ lab helper (a lot of washing of bloody glassware and tubing and lab gadgetry)
~ drafting/architectural rendering
~ nude model
~ Yale bartender
~ $5-10 clothing store
~ contemporary art museum--curatorial assistant (really just a fancy name for secretary/admin asst.), then exhibition coordinator
~ artist's assistant
~ contemporary art gallery (several different ones)
~ grantwriter/development officer (which means trying to raise money for arts organizations)
~ another contemporary art museum
~ art critic/curator
~ singer (yes, sometimes we actually got more than just free food and drinks)
~ proofreader/copyeditor
~ copywriter
~ dogwalker/petsitter

~ all-natural pet food maker
~ pet boutique owner
~ college prep course teacher/tutor/test monitor
~ coffee jerk
~ antique store clerk
~ writer

~ local egg lady (yep, I sell them now)
~ fiber artist/cardmaker/spinner/knitter

Coming soon: "O'Kitten's Very Biased List of Places Suggested for MrsPao to Visit in NYC"


Puss-in-Boots said...

An interestingly chequered career. I was intrigued to see nude model...the closest I got to that was as an underwear model for a lingerie house...not kinky lingerie either, lol!

Chris said...

That's an amusing list! Hmm, some of mine include timber marker/forest fire fighter, recreation survey assistant, ice cream cart girl, physical therapy orderly...

sunneshine said...

wow, so many jobs!! I may have to post a list, but I haven't done nearly as many cool things as you!! How fun!

Carrie K said...

Nude model and coffee jerk caught my eye. I've led a sheltered employed life, evidently.

Biased lists are the very best lists.

Becky said...

Will you be minding the store at the Spinning Loft tomorrow (Saturday)? If yes, I'll come and hang out with you. Email me: graybastian@yahoo.com.

pins&needles said...

I shall post my boring list of jobs soon. Yours are much more interesting.

mrspao said...

I used to work as a children's party hostess at the McDs (!) but I got to temp at Wimbledon once so not all boring!

I'm very very excited about the New York list :)

KnitXcorE said...

i wish my list was that cool. hehe..... the "egg lady" makes me think of edith massey in Pink Flamingos.... rotfl.

Joanie said...

Wow, you are an all around WOMAN...
Nude model, interesting. When and where did this happen? Sorry to say never had the body type for nude modeling. My list of jobs are not that interesting. Receptionist, typist, but mostly customer service representative for courier and air freight. My favorite job,that also paid the least, was a teachers aide for pre k and kindergarten. I actually loved going to work.
The best job I have now is taking care of my hubby and being a homemaker.
Lots of love to you and your hubby
Happy Monday...
Count down to Seaside......Yippee