Random Thoughts from the Land of PMS

You can usually tell when I have PMS, because suddenly my posts dwindle (due to all the extra napping and increased crankiness). Well, despite the fact that I still have PMS (consider yourself forewarned, cranky person at keyboard), I proceed here with some random things that have been in my head.

Another Funny Shirt

The Embroidaries, from Threadless. $15-17. Love.

Craft, craftzine.com

"Craft: transforming traditional crafts" magazine--best $15 I've spent on craft literature in eons. (It's from the people who created Make and makezine.com.) I want to make almost everything in this Japan style issue, and that never happens to me with craft magazines. Ever.

Even if you don't buy it, just page through it on the newsstand and I can almost guarantee you'll get a couple ideas by simply leafing through it. (For knitters, the knitted kimono is stunning, and there's a little interview with Debbie Stoller. Mostly I just like the photo of her in her skully sweater and big black boots sitting on a suitcase in Grand Central Station.) But there's so much fun stuff in it you really should check it out. I read it from cover to cover, and that never happens, either. I particularly like the urls liberally sprinkled throughout. Way cool.

The PC is Sick, or, Why I Have a Mac

I realize discussing this is akin to talking politics, but I have PMS so I'm throwing all caution to the wind. I will preface by saying we have a two computer household. I have an iMac; Mr. O'Kitten has a PC (an HP, to be exact).

Now, I use the PC frequently. For one thing, it's a bit faster than the Mac. It's also in The Smoking Room (as opposed to the smoke-free crafting/craft-storage room--i.e. MY room--where the iMac is)--so if I want to smoke while I'm on the computer (yes, yes, smoking is very very bad) I go into the one room in the house that we smoke in.

Both computers are now about four years old. (Is this old in computer years?) Suddenly the PC has decided that it no longer wants to power up. I don't mean "start up" -- I mean, it won't turn on at ALL. So it has to go to the computer doctor.

Now this brings me to several points I'd like to make about the Mac. Granted, the iMac is a little slower than the PC we have. But I love my iMac -- plus, it's cute and looks like something from The Jetsons. Not to mention it's not spilling with cables and wires and cords and a hulking CPU that I'm trying to hide under my desk. (Yeah, I know it's always fun trying to match that little piece with the 21 pins to the bit in the back with 21 holes. We got none of that here.)

At work I've always used a PC, but I've always owned a Mac -- for over 20 years now. I find that when I need to install, troubleshoot, or fix something on the Mac, I can pretty much always figure it out myself, but not so with the PC. Plus, the Mac has far better immunity to viruses and stuff. (Maybe that's because Mac owners tend to be artsy types--not banks or law firms or fortune 500 companies--with less stuff worth hacking into, but hey, I'm not complaining.)

Plus, every PC I've ever used has always needed to go to the computer doctor at some time or another, and you need a new one every few years. They freeze, crash, need repairs...but my Macs (knock wood) just run and run until...well, basically until they're so old (I mean OLD, like 8-10 years and it's no longer worth upgrading anymore) that it makes more sense to get a new one. This iMac is only the third Mac I've had since 1990. Seriously!

My spouse, who's a PC guy, isn't crazy about it, but then he's very used to the PC interface and some things on the Mac are a little different (but not much). I'm an intuitive/visual person and I think the Mac is great if you work and think like that--I often get stuck trying to solve things or learn new software on the PC but can generally pick new stuff up easily on the Mac (the way the interface works) with no problem. But that's just me.

It is true that there's a bit less software for the Mac than the PC, but not nearly as much anymore now that so much is cross-platform. There's also a lot of freeware on the net that solves some of these problems if there's something you want to do but can't find a Mac application for it.

I'm all for the marriage of form and function. I want something to work really well, but I want it to look good on my desk, too--especially if I'm going to be looking at it all the time. Don't even get me started on the iPod and pantpant the iPhone...


Puss-in-Boots said...

I guess it all comes down to personal preference, doesn't it? I've used iMacs but prefer the PC, especially for work.

What colour is your iMac? They come in funky colours, don't they?

As for PMS, thank heavens, I've outgrown that...lol!

DAWN said...

I bought my first mac in January and I swear I will never go back! Love it!! my husband is a PC man and, well whatever. My brother has an iPhone and it is all the hype and more! I must have one as well. . .

Chris said...

Totally like politics. Macs drive me nuts. :) Love my wee notebook PC (XP Pro, 'cos Vista is poorly considered evil).

Mouse said...

If I didn't live in a house with a computer geek.. I would buy a Mac because people tend to have a lot less problems with them. Plus.. they're cute. I hate the big hulking pc on my desk.. I can't wait to save up the money to buy a laptop.

che said...

I so knew that you were PMSing! hahah I just made fin of mine! I do miss you so very very very much! I hope that your liking my messages that im leaving lover girl!
Kisses and tons of tons of misses

che said...

PS Happy Macing ;)

ladylinoleum said...

I love my Mac! I just bought it last December and I am head over heels.

stella said...

I was a lifetime PC user.. we had one in my house before computers had hard drives and you had to use a bootdisc.. now, i've had the iMac for about a year, and am in love.

and my dad just got his iPhone. drooooool. must have one.

Obsidian Kitten said...

my iMac is white. kinda boring--but it matches everything, lol

macs drive a *lot* of people nuts. and the pc IS faster. it's all time i used to spend staring at the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) and waiting for the techs to come rescue me at my internet job that i think finally put me over the edge.

this also won't be the first time that mr. o'kitten's PC has had to go to the doctor (and he's only had it since 03; last time it needed a new fan). in the meantime, i had a MacPlus from 90-97, a PowerMac a friend gave me from 97-03, and now the iMac.

you'd think that for as long as i've used the PC i'd prefer them...but i think the cute factor won me over in the end. that and the endurance factor. i'll put up with the slowness and the quirks for the durability and the cute.

but i think it's such a personal thing--i can completely understand why ppl don't like them. i think it's like cats vs. dogs, or why some ppl like algebra better than geometry and vice versa. it's just whatever you get along best with.

and omg, the iPhone...drooldrool

mrspao said...

I'm a Mac convert especially since I work in IT and have to deal with all the problems that PCs have (and yes, four years is elderly for a PC - they are usually looking at the PC scrapyard in the sky a short while later).. I know your Mac might be slow but have you added any extra memory. I just added more to mine and it really shifts now. It may be worth you looking at how much some extra costs because memory isn't too expensive and it means your lovely Mac will last longer :)

Hope you're feeling a bit better now (hug)

RheLynn said...

Sending feel-better thoughts. Those Craft magazines definitely look like a good buy! They can keep you busy when you're not napping, huh? ;)

Alpaca Granny said...

You didn't sound at all grumpy.

jessie said...

I totally hear you on the PMS. I'm backing away slowly.

Also, I was a devoted Mac user since 1986 (remember the Plus?) until they stopped making Quickbooks for Macs, and then we had to reluctantly switch to a PC. (They started making it again, but it was too late for this household.) I will always love the Macs.

Also, iPods. Yay. Got mine refurbished on eBay for $96, including shipping. Yes, it's only a 2G. I have been adding Podcasts, songs, and three unabridged audiobooks for a couple of months and still haven't filled a third of it. How much room do I need?

And last, you get an A for spelling "newsstand" correctly. Not enough to ease the PMS but it's better a sharp stick in the eye, as my mother used to say. :-)

roxtarchic said...

my sista's is a mac lover (she's the artist) i'm the pc person (it's just what i know)... but i must say the period leggo, cracked my hormonal @ss up!! haha

and nobody calls me anymore (unless they're visiting from far away and dont even know me) so more options on a phone for me would be wasted!


pins&needles said...

I love Macs and I've grown up on PCs. Each type is useful in it's own way. It basically comes down to preference and what the user needs the machine for.

I need to buy a new machine, but I'm pretty torn on which one I want. I'll eventually figure it out.

Carrie K said...

I want an iPhone.

Oooh! I went to that magazine (Craft) Maker's Faire last May. Very, very cool. Etsy and lots of fiber/needlework represented.