Yes, It Did


It snowed.

A good New York City snow is really quite wonderful, at least for the first day, because it creates a weird sort of quiet combined with a brief and fleeting holiday atmosphere. The kids get out of school, traffic stops for a little while, and everything gets hushed and muffled by the blanket of white. The lull and the festive feeling don't last long, of course, but while they do, it's lovely.

Above is the view from our bedroom window onto the street in front of our apartment, and here is the view from our kitchen at the back. The girls love watching the birds flitter in and out of the tree and on and off the clotheslines.

Holiday Stuff

Some last-minute gift prep.

Stockings hung by the kitchen with care.
Isis stands guard and Morgan is on bird-watch at the back window.

Every year Mr. O'Kitten sets up the Playmobil Nativity Scene, and we debate about the extent to which the cats will molest the manger and its poor inhabitants. This year Bethlehem has been hit innumerable times by Hurricane Morgan, who is particularly fond of carrying the cats (just the cats, mind you) off into a far corner of the living room for safe keeping. That, and occasionally dropping a King onto the floor by his head.

Who, me? Do I look capable of wrecking such mayhem and destruction?


Mouse said...

Love the playmobile nativity! There is one of the knitbloggers who has a completely toy filled nativity set.. I just can't remember who. I'll send you the link when I see it.
Morgan looks totally guilty.. Ms Kitty has been trying to ruin my son's Lego guys lately and has been giving me the "who me?" look as well.

Chris said...

Morgan recognized her people and is trying to rescue them perhaps?

It's snowing here right now. 6"+

Puss-in-Boots said...

I can tell by the look in Morgan's eye that she's up to no good. Bella and Mitzi are fascinated by all the sparkly dangly things on the tree and need the occasional spray with the water bottle...much to their disgust.

Have a wonderful Christmas, O'K...I hope Santa brings you lots of goodies (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

Carrie K said...

Yes. Heh. He's leaving baby Jesus alone? I guess Jesus isn't a cat.


meemsnyc said...

We love the playmobile nativity. Snow in NYC after a day is gross and dirty. But agree the first snow is beautiful. Here in Brooklyn, they haven't shoveled much so there is slippery ice everywhere!!