Mmmmeet Claude, with Daemonesses


Claude, Monster Hat No. 14

Claude is my first adult monster hat and is truly man-sized. He is a close relative of Clarence the Cyclops Monster. Claude enjoys Impressionist Art, MMORPG games, and will eat the centers out of your Oreos and put the chocolate cookies back in the package after he licks them clean.

I really like the way these hats look from the back, and I'm especially happy with the results I got by holding two strands of yarn together. Claude is knit entirely from Yarn Lust yarn, including BFL, Donegal, Bamboo Sock, Merino Sock, and 50/50 Tencel/Merino.


Daemoness 1. She will devour you from the toes upward if given the opportunity.

She may also be able to melt you with her eyes.

Daemoness 2 believes that looking directly at the camera will render her completely powerless. Or maybe she's just difficult. It hard to tell with these feline fiends.

Daemoness 3 wants to know what the other two are up to, and gleans great demony joy by instigating fights between them.


Chris said...

I just saw (in my peripheral vision) my little daemoness leap from the top of the fridge to the counter across an expanse of kitchen floor and heard her land with a mighty thump. Naughty.

mrspao said...

For some reason I'm thinking of your cats having their own daemons - wouldn't that be fun (and scary)?

Puss-in-Boots said...

Love those daemonesses...I have a couple as well...and they are daemons!

Sean and Tess said...

SHANNAH!!!! ITS SEAN!!!! OMG I MISS YOU!!!!!!! YOU REALLLLLY SHOULD EMAIL ME!!!!!! seanandtessday@gmail.com


Hope you're loving it as much as you did before up in the Big Apple!!!!!! Happy Holidays!

I look forward to hearing from you!!!!!!


Severina said...

Monster hats are breeding nicely, I see! Fingers crossed that they all go to good homes where they can lick all the Oreos they want.

My orange daemon has the power of flight. He can get ahold of a spider plant six feet up and gleefully rearranges my fridge magnets from the top down. The landings are pretty rough, though, considering I'm usually in the middle of his flight path.