I Didn't Send You a Card

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Don't take it personally, I didn't send anyone a card this year. A couple well-timed weeks of winter malaise and suddenly it was--well, too late.

But really, there's nothing better than a good I Can Has Cheezburger now, is there?

Happy Hollydays to you and all of your furbabies. And do try not to eat Santy Paws if you want any catnip treats in your stocking.


Chris said...

Merry merry to you and Mr O'Kitten and the girls. And really, it isn't too late to send cards. :) I still have a stack I'm going to send. Now they're New Year's cards!

Laura said...

We just mailed our cards today. I figure a Christmas Eve postmark is festive, right? And a late card is a good salve for the after Christmas let-down, right? And so I look extra thoughtful, rather than extra lazy and unprepared, right? Right?!?

Alas, I do not have your new address, so I cannot send you a card anyway! But I can still send wishes for a warm and happy holiday season!!

Bestestes from all of the critters here, regardless of their numbers of legs!


Elizabeth said...

Merry Christmas to the O'Kitten clan or should I say "pride"?

Puss-in-Boots said...

A very merry Christmas to you and Mr O'Kitten. Don't worry about the card...your message will do just fine.

I hope 2009 brings you peace and happiness.


Mouse said...

I didn't send cards this year either -I just didn't have the time or the money to do it this time, even though I LOVE getting cards in the mail. Happy Holidays to you, Mr O'Kitten and the kitties from the House of Mouse!!

Crypt Stitch said...

Oh no, not another crazy-cat-lady bitten by Lol-cat-itis! I hope you had a rand old Yule - only 364 more days till we get to do it all again!
Crypt Stitch xx

Anonymous said...

I love coming to check out your blogs and find out more about your life! I'm in NYC (staying near union square) for a few days and would love to get together and really catch up if we can get our schedules together If you have any interest in getting together please call me at 706-825-2996 asap so we can plan it:) I don't have your email with me so I'm writing you here - hope you get it in a timely fashion!
(Susie Bustos:))

Carrie K said...

I haven't sent cards in years. *AND this year, I've been blog neglecting! So Merry Christmas and Happy New year and.....happy Valentine's Day? Is it Feb yet? I wouldn't be surprised. :)

PS So that's what happened to Santy Paws!

Anonymous said...
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