Mmmmmore Monsters

Otto, Monster Hat No. 9

Otto is a distant relation of Theseus, the Surprised Bunny Monster, only Otto is far less surprised. Unlike Theseus, Otto enjoys Easter Egg hunts and has been known to foster baby chicks on occasion.

Hank, Monster Hat No. 10

Hank is an Alien Monster, as should be obvious from the rather prominent single antenna on his head. Aluminum foil helmets may be worn in his presence to avoid having him read your thoughts.

Ramon, Monster Hat No. 11

Like his sister Clytemnestra, Ramon is a Kat Monster, though he objects to the diminutive term "Kitty." Unbeknownst to Cly (as he calls her), he often tries surreptitiously to return the various small items she steals.

Henrietta, Monster Hat No. 12

What can I say about Henrietta the TriClops? She loves to play Old Maid, but often loses because she starts giggling uncontrollably as soon as she gets the Old Maid.

Matilda, Monster Hat No. 13

Likely related to Clytemnestra and Ramon (above), Matilda is really good at Scrabble, Lawn Jarts, and making one mean cup of tea.

The Isis Monster--also possibly related to Clytemnestra, Ramon and Matilda (as we go to print this rumor is as yet unconfirmed)--looking as unimpressed as ever.


Chris said...

Monsters! Get your monsters here!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Ooooh, lovely scary monster hats...I bet the cats love them. Love the names, too, Clytemnestra...lol!

mrspao said...

That last monster is pretty cute :)

Severina said...

Dammit, blogger keeps eating my comments! This makes eight times already.

Or perhaps it's those dandy monsters that keep doing it.

Severina said...

Ahhh, success!

I didn't want to have to send my drunken chickens over here.

Carrie K said...

The Isis Monster will not be denied.

Love the nomenclature.

Carrie K said...

Also, Mirabilis has not only fascinating tidbits of historical information, but if you leave a comment, she has a monster/avatar generator (if you don't already have an avatar, I think).