My First Handpun Sweater, with Chickens

An Actual Handspun FO

So I finished the mini-cardi from Fitted Knits. I'm very excited, because it's the first sweater I've knit from my own handspun. It's even more special because the fiber was hand-dyed by my friend mysticleeme.

I started the sweater in mid-February, so it took me about a month. Not bad, considering.

I only had gold buttons, so (don't tell anyone) I painted them with red and purple nail polish. It's enamel, right? Now they match.

I like the details a lot.

With Chickens

We ended up having 4 or 5 inches (11 cm) of snow on Friday, but it's melting off and the chickens came out today.

Mr. O'Kitten was feeding them stale bread, and they were very excited.

And Cats

Every day is a snow day for cats. They love to sleep on the hats and scarves and gloves we toss on the kitchen table.

That lazy face of Emma's deserved a close-up.

And a WIP
Log cabin baby blanket is coming along. Guess that's one good thing about snow days--lots of time to knit.


jessie said...

Beautiful sweater, great accomplishment. I am freaking out now because MY first handspun sweater (for dh) seems to be going through the yarn damn fast. If I run out, there's no one to call for a spare skein. :-(

My chickies got leftover mashed potatoes and squash for dessert tonight. They went to bed happy. :-)

Anonymous said...

The nail polish idea was pure genius.

I love the colors in the log cabin baby blanket.

Chris said...

Lovely sweater!! Ah, those sun bathing kitties... what a life!

Carrie K said...

Emma does look really darling!

Wow, that sweater is fabulous and your buttons are inspired. Good idea about painting them. They're such a perfect match now!

Log Cabins are my favorite.

meemsnyc said...

That sweater is beautiful!!!

historicstitcher said...

That sweater is so wonderful! Adding a little color to the winter seems to help somewhat, yes?

I missed you SO much during my absence! It's so good to be back and catch up!!!

Hang in there!

And we probably couldn't eat the chickens either. We just want the eggs! And the bug-eating...

Anonymous said...

You have so many talents.
What a great idea you had with the buttons. Love the colors.
Enjoy wearing your lovely sweater.

Elizabeth said...

Great sweater and truly your own!
I once made Fimo buttons to match a sweater so don't feel bad about a little polish!
I'm tired of snow days. I want to go outside and play!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work my dear. Mackenzie would love the colors. Miss you guys

mrspao said...

Beautiful sweater and I'm totally going to steal your idea about painting the buttons with nail polish. :)

Your log cabin blanket is really lovely.

KnitXcorE said...

it's effing awesome!

and look at those lil' chickens!