Coming (un)Raveled

Happy @%$#ing Spring

First day of spring and it's snowing. About two inches so far. I'll spare you the invective. But I am not pleased.

These are old photos, but it basically looked like this at about 3 pm. There's more snow now, covering most of the ground and the deck. Ugh.

Ravelry Revelry

The good news is that I've finally wasted some time on Ravelry. What fun. My username is okitten and I put up some photos of things. If you knit or crochet and aren't on Ravelry, it really is A Cool Thing. The waiting list is moving really quickly now and Ravelry is awesome in many ways so you may want to go and check it out.

Besides, I rather suspect that it's where all the cool kids are hanging out nowadays.

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Chris said...

We have a bit more snow than that. *sigh*